Changing the Game in Cross-Border Payments

Changing the Game in Cross-Border Payments

Based in Finland, FinPro stands as a leading figure in the personal lending industry, boasting a robust workforce of over 500 professionals and serving more than 3 million customers. However, the company faced a significant challenge in managing cross-border payments, a hurdle that hindered their efficiency and growth. This intricate issue not only affected operational dynamics but also posed a complex problem in terms of customer satisfaction and transactional fluidity in their expansive market reach.

Cross-Border Payment Hurdles for Market Expansion

FinPro, despite its expansive customer base and significant market presence, faced a daunting challenge that could have stymied its growth: the intricacies of cross-border payments. This operational hurdle was more than a mere inconvenience; it posed a significant barrier to efficient and seamless transactions for their international clientele. The nature of these transactions was fraught with delays, high fees, and a lack of transparency, leading to dissatisfaction among customers and a tangible strain on FinPro's resources and reputation.

Transforming Cross-Border Financial Operations

In search of a solution to these pervasive issues, FinPro turned to the cutting-edge technology of cryptocurrency payments, specifically the Plisio payment gateway. This innovative approach promised not only to streamline their processes but also to revolutionize the way FinPro conducted its business. By integrating Plisio's system, FinPro was able to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology, which included rapid transaction times, reduced fees, and enhanced transparency. This shift marked a significant turning point in how FinPro managed its financial operations, particularly in the realm of cross-border transactions.

Finance Director's Insight

"Embracing Plisio's crypto payment solution was a game-changer for us, slashing cross-border transaction costs by 60% and dramatically enhancing our operational efficiency", says Jukka Heikkinen, FinPro's Financial Director.

Lower Costs, Higher Satisfaction

The adoption of Plisio's cryptocurrency payment gateway heralded a new era for FinPro. Not only did it resolve the prevalent issues of high costs and inefficiencies, but it also brought about a remarkable improvement in customer satisfaction. The reduction in transaction fees by up to 60%, combined with the speed and transparency offered by blockchain technology, was met with overwhelming approval from both clients and the internal team. Furthermore, these changes led to a noticeable increase in transaction volumes, contributing significantly to FinPro's revenue growth.

Exploring New Horizons: FinPro's Success with Plisio's Technology

The adoption of Plisio's advanced crypto payment gateway significantly streamlined FinPro's foray into new international markets. Plisio's crypto payment gateway, known for its flexibility and wide-ranging adaptability, enabled FinPro to effortlessly merge into various global market ecosystems. This was pivotal in diminishing the common challenges of international business expansion, particularly those related to financial transactions and currency conversions. Plisio's gateway supports multiple cryptocurrencies, offering a diverse range of payment options to customers, which was instrumental in FinPro's strategic expansion. Not only did this enhance FinPro's foothold in its existing markets, but it also paved the way for the company to tap into previously unexplored demographic sectors and geographical regions. The integration of Plisio's technology, with its robust security measures and real-time transaction processing, also fortified FinPro's reputation as a forward-thinking and customer-centric organization in the global market.


FinPro's journey with Plisio stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing innovative financial technologies. By solving the critical issue of cross-border payments, FinPro has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also positioned itself for sustained growth and expansion in the global financial market. This partnership with Plisio underscores a pivotal shift in FinPro's strategy, setting a new standard for financial transactions in the digital age.

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