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Direct Payments

We transfer payments directly into your wallet (we do not hold clients’ money).


You do not have to complete a KYC to start using our plugin. No third-party accounts during the process, just use your own wallet.

No Limits

You can create unlimited number of requests.

Accept Cryptocurrency all over the world

There is no country restrictions for our users. This plugin is available all over the world.

Invoice Create store

Everyone can accept cryptocurrency payments

It`s simple

WHMCS plugin accepts crypto from a user and forward payments to a shop owner’s wallet.

Minimal fee

We support SegWit protocol. We choose high priority transactions with a lesser network fee.

Crypto and Fiat money

The plugin supports prices in BTC and fiat money converted into bitcoin. The merchant receives payment in cryptocurrency only.

How to get started

Step 1
Step 2
Extract ZIP archive and upload files to web root. In admin panel, go to Setup » Payments » Payment Gateways
Step 3
On the next screen, click on the All Payment Gateways tab and click on Plisio to enable the plugin. The next step will be to configure it.
Step 4
Display Name: This is the payment method name that will be shown to your customers on checkout. Call it whatever you like.API Auth Token: Paste the Secret Key you have received in https://plisio.net/account/api.
Everything is ready! Now you can accept all available cryptocurrencies and those that will appear on Plisio in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHMCS is a web hosting automation platform that allows businesses to manage and automate their web hosting and domain registration services. It provides a comprehensive range of features and tools to help web hosting companies manage their billing, support, and provisioning operations. With WHMCS, businesses can automate their hosting and domain registration workflows, handle support requests, and manage customer accounts, all from a single platform. It is a popular platform for web hosting companies and is widely used across the industry.

To add crypto payments to WHMCS, you can use a payment gateway that supports cryptocurrencies, such as Plisio, Coinbase, or BitPay. Here are the general steps to add a crypto payment option to WHMCS using Plisio as an example:

  • Sign up for a Plisio account.
  • Log in to your WHMCS administrator dashboard.
  • Navigate to Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways.
  • Click on the "All Payment Gateways" tab and select "Plisio" from the list of available gateways.
  • Enter your Plisio API credentials, such as your API key and secret.
  • Configure your Plisio settings, such as the crypto currencies you want to accept, the conversion rate calculation method, and the payment notification options.
  • Save your settings and test your Plisio payment gateway by placing a test order.

After you have added the Plisio payment gateway to WHMCS, your customers will be able to select crypto payments as a payment method during the checkout process.

Yes, WHMCS supports Bitcoin payments through various payment gateway integrations, including Plisio. To start accepting Bitcoin payments in WHMCS, you will need to sign up for a Bitcoin payment gateway, configure it in your WHMCS account, and enable Bitcoin payments for your products or services. The exact steps will depend on the Bitcoin payment gateway you choose to use, as well as your specific WHMCS setup and configuration.

Integrating crypto payments on a website typically involves using a payment gateway provider, such as Plisio, that offers support for various cryptocurrencies. The specific steps to integrate crypto payments on your website will depend on the payment gateway provider you choose, as well as the website platform or software you are using.

In general, the following steps are involved:

  • Sign up for an account with a payment gateway provider that supports crypto payments, such as Plisio.
  • Obtain the API keys or other credentials necessary to integrate the payment gateway with your website.
  • Install any necessary plugins or extensions for your website platform or software to enable crypto payments.
  • Configure the payment gateway settings to enable the specific cryptocurrencies you want to accept.
  • Test the payment gateway integration to ensure that it is working correctly.

Depending on the payment gateway provider and website platform you are using, there may be additional steps involved in the integration process. It's important to follow the specific instructions and guidelines provided by the payment gateway provider to ensure a smooth integration.

Plisio is one of the crypto payment gateways available for WHMCS. Other options include CoinPayments.net, Coinbase Commerce, and BitPay. The best plugin for WHMCS depends on your specific needs and preferences. It's a good idea to compare the features, pricing, and reputation of each option before making a decision.While Plisio offers a crypto payment gateway plugin for WHMCS, it may not necessarily be the best option for everyone. The best crypto plugin for WHMCS will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user. It's important to research and compare different options to find the one that best meets your requirements.

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