Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Your payment processor for all businesses with 30+ cryptocurrencies.

New Vision of Crypto Payments

All of your transactions and cryptoassets on the tip of your finger. Blockchain has never been easier to use.

Accept cryptocurrency

Accept payments and investments from clients in BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR and DOGE.

Mass payouts

Make mass payouts to your clients in the desired cryptocurrency.


We do not collect clients' data and protect your anonymity.

Start accepting cryptocurrency and increase your clients base up to 23%

Create a Wallet

Create a wallet that supports the most popular cryptocurrencies in a matter of a few minutes and manage it

New Features

Check cryptocurrency exchange rates and store, send and receive funds directly without any intermediaries or fees.

For Your Business

Sell your goods and services for cryptocurrency, pay salaries to employees and pay for other companies' services.

Mass Payouts

Any amount of transactions can be combined into one big operation so you could automate this process.


Send hundreds or even thousands of transactions to your customers or employees. Setup takes only a couple of minutes.

Simplify the Work Process

Organize mass payments focusing on your business's needs so you do not waste your time and clients.

Transactions History

All of your account transactions with full details are located in one section with convenient search filters.

Fast and convenient

Checking the transaction history, you can easily monitor all transactions, payment details and the specific transfers status.

Your Bookkeeping

Keep track of your expenses and company's revenues using sorting and search filters. Keep your finances under control.

Your Privacy and Security

Encrypted SSL connection via HTTPS protocol, two-factor authentication and trusted IP addresses.

We store transaction information only for the payment processing and delete it afterwards.

We respect our customers' privacy and do not require an identity proof. Your payments remain anonymous.

HTTPS Protocol

Your passwords are safe


Extra protection of your funds

SSL Certificate

Your passwords are safe

Trusted IP

Log in via trusted IPs only

Get advantages that 92% of your competitors do not have

Accept cryptocurrency

Connect to Plisio and start accepting cryptocurrency in your store, ICO or other platform today.

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