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Direct Payments

We transfer payments directly into your wallet (we do not hold clients’ money).


You do not have to complete a KYC to start using our plugin. No third-party accounts during the process, just use your own wallet.

No Limits

You can create unlimited number of requests.

Accept Cryptocurrency all over the world

There is no country restrictions for our users. This plugin is available all over the world.

Invoice Create store

Everyone can accept cryptocurrency payments

It`s simple

Blesta plugin accepts crypto from a user and forward payments to a shop owner’s wallet.

Minimal fee

We support SegWit protocol. We choose high priority transactions with a lesser network fee.

Crypto and Fiat money

The plugin supports prices in BTC and fiat money converted into bitcoin. The merchant receives payment in cryptocurrency only.

How to get started

  • Download Plisio Blesta Plugin.
  • Unzip and upload components directory to Blesta’s folder through FTP.
  • Login to your “Staff Portal” and go to the “Payment Gateways”
  • Go to the “Available” tab and press the “Install” button next to the Plisio plugin.
  • Go to: Staff Portal » Settings » Payment Gateways » Installed and click on “Manage”, then fill in your Secret key.
  • Don’t forget to add Plisio as a payment method in your “Order Forms” located at Staff Portal » Packages » Order Forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blesta is a popular web-based billing and client management software designed for web hosting providers and businesses that offer subscription-based services. It provides a comprehensive solution for invoicing, billing automation, support ticket management, and client management.

With Blesta, businesses can easily create and send invoices, manage subscriptions, process payments, and handle customer support interactions. It offers a user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and integrations with various payment gateways and control panels.

Blesta helps streamline administrative tasks and automate billing processes, making it a valuable tool for businesses in the hosting and service industry.

To add crypto payments to Blesta, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose a crypto payment gateway: Select a crypto payment gateway that integrates with Blesta. Some popular options include Plisio and CoinGate. Make sure the payment gateway supports the cryptocurrencies you want to accept.
  • Sign up for an account: Create an account with the chosen crypto payment gateway. Provide the required information and complete any necessary verification procedures.
  • Obtain API credentials: Generate the API credentials, such as Secret key, from the payment gateway provider. These credentials will be used to establish the connection between Blesta and the payment gateway.
  • Install the payment gateway module: Download the appropriate payment gateway module from the Blesta marketplace or the provider's website. Follow the installation instructions provided for the module.
  • Configure the payment gateway in Blesta: In the Blesta admin panel, go to Settings > Payment Gateways. Locate the crypto payment gateway you installed and enter the API credentials obtained in Step 3. Save the settings.
  • Enable and customize payment options: In the Payment Gateways section, enable the crypto payment options you want to offer to your customers. Customize the display names and any other relevant settings.
  • Test the payment integration: Perform a test transaction using the crypto payment method to ensure that it functions correctly. Check if the payment is processed successfully and if the corresponding invoice or order is generated in Blesta.

The acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment method for hosting services can vary depending on the hosting provider you choose. While some hosting companies have started to embrace cryptocurrencies and offer crypto payment options, others may not support it.

To determine if you can pay for hosting services using cryptocurrencies, you should:

  • Research Hosting Providers: Look for hosting providers that explicitly mention accepting cryptocurrency payments on their website or contact their customer support to inquire about their payment options.
  • Check Payment Methods: Review the available payment methods listed on the hosting provider's website. If cryptocurrencies are not listed as an option, it's likely that they do not accept them.
  • Contact Customer Support: If you cannot find the information on their website, reach out to the hosting provider's customer support directly. Ask them if they accept cryptocurrencies for payment or if they have any plans to implement crypto payment options in the future.

By doing thorough research and communicating with hosting providers directly, you will be able to determine whether a particular hosting company supports cryptocurrency payments.

Yes, it is possible to buy a domain using Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. Several domain registrars and hosting providers accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

To purchase a domain with Bitcoin, you can follow these general steps:

  • Choose a Domain Registrar: Look for a domain registrar or hosting provider that supports cryptocurrency payments. Some well-known companies that accept Bitcoin for domain purchases include Namecheap, Hostinger, and CoinGate.
  • Select and Register the Domain: Once you've chosen a domain registrar that accepts Bitcoin, search for and select the domain you wish to purchase. Follow the registration process, providing the necessary details.
  • Choose Bitcoin as Payment Method: During the checkout process, you will typically have various payment options available. Look for the cryptocurrency payment option or Bitcoin specifically and select it.
  • Complete the Payment: After selecting Bitcoin as the payment method, you will typically be provided with instructions on how to complete the payment using your Bitcoin wallet. This may involve scanning a QR code or manually entering the payment details.
  • Confirm and Wait for Confirmation: Once the payment is sent, confirm the transaction and wait for the confirmation from the domain registrar. This confirmation may take some time depending on the blockchain network and the registrar's processing time.

It's important to note that the specific steps may vary depending on the domain registrar you choose. Therefore, it's recommended to visit the website of the domain registrar you prefer and check their payment options or contact their customer support for guidance on purchasing domains with Bitcoin.

To start accepting crypto payments, you would typically need to set up an account with a cryptocurrency payment gateway, integrate their payment solution into your website or online store, and follow their specific instructions for accepting and processing cryptocurrency payments.

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