Buy a Book for Crypto: BigCommerce plugin Fuels LitReads' Rise

Buy a Book for Crypto: BigCommerce plugin Fuels LitReads' Rise

In the heart of Canada, LitReads Online Bookstore emerged as a beacon for book enthusiasts, aiming to bridge the gap between readers and a vast selection of literary works. With a commitment to enhancing customer experience and embracing technological advancements, LitReads took a significant leap by integrating Plisio, a leading cryptocurrency payment solution, into their payment gateway. This strategic move not only expanded their payment options but also marked an increase in their global sales and customer satisfaction.

Accept Crypto for a World of Books

As an online bookstore with a global vision, LitReads faced the challenge of catering to a diverse customer base with varied payment preferences. Traditional payment methods were limiting, especially for international transactions, which were often hindered by high fees and lengthy processing times. Recognizing the need for a more inclusive and efficient payment solution, LitReads turned to cryptocurrency as the answer.

Crypto Payment Plugin for BigCommerce

The integration of Plisio's cryptocurrency payment gateway offered LitReads a seamless solution to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and Tron (TRX). This not only provided their customers with a wider range of payment options but also streamlined international transactions. The use of Plisio's plugins for BigCommerce made the integration process smooth and hassle-free, allowing LitReads to focus on what they do best - connecting readers with their next great read.

Sales Surge with BigCommerce Plugin

The adoption of Plisio's cryptocurrency payment solution led to remarkable results for LitReads:

  • Sales Growth: Within the first six months post-integration, LitReads witnessed a 12% increase in overall sales, attributing this growth to the expanded payment options and the appeal of cryptocurrency among their customer base.
  • International Reach: The ease of cryptocurrency transactions fostered a 18% rise in international orders, opening new markets for LitReads and further establishing their presence as a global online bookstore.

E-Commerce Success with crypto

"Integrating Plisio's cryptocurrency payment gateway was a game-changer for us. It not only aligned with our vision of embracing innovative solutions but also significantly enhanced our customer experience, especially for our international readers. The noticeable increase in sales and global orders is a testament to the potential of cryptocurrency in e-commerce", remarked Alex Thompson, CFO at LitReads.

Accepting Crypto Payments with Plisio Catapulted LitReads to New Heights

The success story of LitReads and Plisio is a compelling example of how embracing cryptocurrency payment solutions can drive growth and expand market reach for online businesses. As LitReads continues to thrive, their journey with Plisio stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative payment solutions in the digital age.


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LitReads is an online bookstore based in Canada, offering a wide selection of literary works to book enthusiasts worldwide. They aim to connect readers with a vast array of books while enhancing customer experience through technological advancements.

Since integrating Plisio's payment solution, LitReads has seen a 12% increase in overall sales and an 18% rise in international orders within the first six months. This growth is attributed to the expanded payment options and the appeal of cryptocurrency among their customers.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional payment methods, especially for international transactions, LitReads opted for cryptocurrency to offer a more inclusive, efficient, and cost-effective payment solution for their diverse customer base.

Yes, LitReads has a global reach and accepts international orders. The integration of cryptocurrency payments facilitates smoother and more efficient international transactions, making it easier for customers outside Canada to make purchases.

The adoption of cryptocurrency payments has significantly enhanced LitReads' customer experience, especially for international customers, by offering a wider range of payment options and reducing transaction fees and processing times.

LitReads integrated Plisio, a leading cryptocurrency payment solution, into their BigCommerce platform. This allows them to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and Tron (TRX), making their payment gateway more inclusive and efficient.

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