Accepts Bitcoin for Ethical, High-Quality Jewels

Accepts Bitcoin for Ethical, High-Quality Jewels

GleamGems, a premier jewelry company from the Netherlands, has carved a niche in the luxury market since 2015 by offering exclusive, high-quality jewelry crafted with ethically sourced diamonds and recycled metals. Recognized for its innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship, GleamGems faced a pivotal challenge in expanding its global reach and embracing the digital economy.

Magento Plugin for Digital Currency Payments

As GleamGems looked to scale its operations and tap into a broader market, the limitations of traditional payment methods became increasingly apparent. The company sought to not only expand its international customer base but also to cater to the growing demand for digital currency transactions. The solution needed to seamlessly integrate with their existing Magento e-commerce platform, which was crucial for maintaining their operational efficiency.

GleamGems Leads the Way in E-commerce by Accepting Crypto Payments

The breakthrough came with the integration of Plisio's Magento plugin, a tailor-made solution that enabled GleamGems to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Tron. This strategic move leveraged Magento's robust e-commerce framework, allowing GleamGems to offer a seamless, secure, and innovative payment experience to its customers worldwide without disrupting their existing online store setup.

Sales Soar by 15% After Embracing Crypto Payments

The implementation of Plisio's cryptocurrency payment plugin had immediate and positive effects:

  • Online Sales Growth: GleamGems witnessed a 15% increase in online sales following the integration, underscoring the demand among its customers for more versatile payment options.
  • Surge in International Orders: The ability to process cryptocurrency payments effortlessly led to a 20% rise in international orders, significantly broadening GleamGems' market presence.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The introduction of cryptocurrency payments improved customer satisfaction by 25%, as buyers appreciated the enhanced security, privacy, and convenience offered by blockchain transactions.

Strategic Win with Plisio's Crypto Payment Solution

Reflecting on the decision to integrate Plisio's Magento plugin, Maria Van Der Linden, Chief Marketing Officer at GleamGems, remarked, "Adopting Plisio's cryptocurrency payment solution was a strategic move that aligned perfectly with our vision of embracing technological advancements. It not only facilitated our entry into new markets but also enhanced our customer's shopping experience by offering them the flexibility and security of cryptocurrency payments. This has undoubtedly set us apart in the competitive jewelry market".

Bitcoin Meets Luxury

GleamGems' success story with Plisio's Magento plugin is a testament to the transformative potential of combining cutting-edge payment technologies with traditional e-commerce platforms. This collaboration has not only enabled GleamGems to achieve remarkable growth and customer satisfaction but also positioned the company as a forward-thinking leader in the jewelry industry.

As the digital economy continues to evolve, GleamGems' innovative approach serves as an inspiring model for other retailers looking to leverage the power of cryptocurrency payments to expand their global reach, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth. Through the strategic use of Plisio's Magento plugin, GleamGems has successfully bridged the gap between luxury jewelry retail and the burgeoning world of digital finance


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GleamGems accepts various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Tron for all jewelry purchases. This diverse range of digital currencies provides flexibility and convenience for our global customer base.

Since integrating cryptocurrency payments, GleamGems has experienced a 15% increase in online sales. This growth is a direct reflection of our customers' appreciation for the added payment flexibility and our commitment to embracing technological advancements.

Yes, there has been a 20% rise in international orders after implementing cryptocurrency payments. This significant increase underscores the global appeal of our ethically sourced, high-quality jewels and the convenience of using digital currencies for cross-border transactions.

Customers benefit from enhanced security, privacy, and convenience when using cryptocurrencies for transactions. Blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent payments, while the privacy of crypto transactions respects our customers' confidentiality.

GleamGems uses Plisio's Magento plugin for cryptocurrency payments, ensuring a seamless and secure checkout process. Customers select their preferred cryptocurrency at checkout, and the transaction is processed through the Plisio platform, instantly converting digital currency into the store's base currency.

Our motivation stems from a desire to expand our international customer base and cater to the growing demand for digital currency transactions. Accepting cryptocurrencies aligns with our vision of embracing technological advancements and provides a flexible, innovative payment solution for our customers.

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