Completion of operations with underpayment

Now you can complete an operation with underpayment. What does it mean? Sometimes it can happen that your customer transfers an insufficient sum while paying for the order. In this case, if the payment time is over, its status switches to “underpaid”.

However, underpayment can be of a quite small amount and the seller can complete the order. You can do it manually - all you need to do is open operation details and click on the “Complete operation”. This option will appear if the payment time is over and the missing amount wasn’t received. 

Image 1

If the payment is less than 95% of the total amount, the option to manually complete the transaction will not be available. Instead, the transaction will automatically be credited to the store's account with a status of "Underpaid" once the customer's payment waiting period has expired.

Also you can set the rate of acceptable underpayment. This will help you customize the payment process when the cryptocurrency price changes. You can do it in your profile store settings. 

How you do it
Go to your Dashboard API section and then to Store settings.
There you will see a new field where you can set the rate of acceptable underpayment for your invoices. 

store settings

From now on, if there is going to be an underpayment by your invoice, but not exceeding the set rate, the payment will be complete. 

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