Transaction statuses, mass payouts and notifications letters.

The latest update has brought lots of changes. Let’s find out what’s changed or what’s new has been added. We’ve divided these improvements into sections so it’d be easier to understand.



There are significant changes in the transactions section. Let’s start with the transaction statuses updates.

plisio transaction statuses

“New” - Status “New” means that a transaction has already been made but no funds have been wired. Once funds are received, we change the transaction status to “Pending”.

plisio transaction status new

“Complete” - This status is given to a transaction, sums of invoice and payment of which are the same. In case of overpayment this sum will be granted a “Completed”  status with the overpayment percentage. For example, in case of double payment the status will be “Completed 200%”

Similarly, in case of overpayment in Sum box above will be displayed the sum in cryptocurrency that was indicated in the invoice and the same sum in USD down on the right with received amount in USD down on the left (Or in any other currency indicated in your site).  

Such “Completed” transactions in details look as follows. In transaction details 3 sums are displayed: expected, actual and difference between their amounts. Invoice information is displayed on the right: the client’s actual order and e-mail address in case the seller will have to contact the client to compensate overpayment, for example.   

plisio transaction overpaid details

“Underpaid” - “Expired” status can be labeled like that. If a transaction has such status, it means that a seller received less funds that was stated in the invoice. 

plisio transaction underpaid

In transaction details 3 sums are displayed: expected, actual and difference between their amounts. Invoice information is displayed on the right: the client’s actual order and e-mail address. Transactions with “Unpaid” label are shown by the “Expired” status filter.

plisio transaction underpaid details

“Cancelled” (“Expired” - in case you didn’t update API)  - A status for transactions with no received funds by their invoice. 

plisio transaction cancelled

“Error” status means that an error occurred during transaction. This could be on our or the Blockchain network part.  

plisio transaction error

plisio transaction error details

ID and TX_ID columns 

In the table of transactions we removed columns ID (Inner operation ID) and TX_ID (Operation ID in the Blockchain network). To see an operation ID you’ll have to click on the eye icon. To display the TX_ID, press on the icon next to it. All data about ID and TX_ID are displayed in the transaction details. 

If it is a mass payout and not a single transaction, TX_ID is indicated separately for every transaction in the payout details. Similarly, if an invoice was completed by multiple transactions, all data will be displayed in these transactions details with no icon in the table. If a transaction failed or an error occurred, there won’t be any information on its TX_ID.

“Order number” column

“Order number” column was added. It’s an order number from your site.

Search operations

You can track any operation by its ID, TX_ID, wallet address or Order Number. 

plisio transaction search

Payment with multiple transactions 

When a single invoice receives several payments, it looks in the transaction details as the following: one block with the total amount and separate blocks for every transaction of this invoice below.  

plisio multiple payment invoice

Mass payouts 

In mass payouts section payment details for every recipient are displayed in the lower blocks while the total amount is indicated in the upper block. 

plisio mass payout

Notifications letters

We’ve slightly changed the notification system. From now on you will be receiving notifications in the following cases:

  1. 1. When you’ve received funds on your account. By clicking on the “Operation details” button you will open transaction details on our website.plisio cash-in letter
  2. 2. Successful payment of an invoice. The contents of this notification is slightly different both for your client and site.plisio invoice completed success - letter to the store
  3. 3. Overpayment. You’ll receive the overpayment notification only if the transaction is completed. Both clients and store owners receive this notification.plisio invoice overpaid - letter to the storeplisio invoice overpaid - letter to the client
  4. 4. Underpayment. Clients receive this notification first. If the transaction is completed and funds are still insufficient, this notification will be send to the store as well. Clients recieve another notification. By pressing on the button below you will open the transaction details on Blockchain.plisio invoice underpaid - letter to the shopplisio invoice underpaid - letter to the client


If you have any questions or troubles, contact our support team. We’ll be happy to help!