Transaction details

1. Create your website and get the SECRET_KEY. Instruction can be found here.

2. Send the “GET” request to get transaction details.



cURL request example:

  curl --location --request GET

List of all supported request fields:

Field Description
api_key “Secret key” value from your API » Api settings page

* - required


Success response example:


    "status": "success",
    "data": {
      "type": "mass_cash_out",
      "status": "completed",
      "confirmations": 0,
      "pending_sum": 0,
      "psys_cid": "BTC",
      "currency": "BTC",
      "source_currency": "USD",
      "source_rate": "0.00010203",
      "fee": "0.00000288",
      "commissionPayment": 2,
      "commis_percent": "1",
      "commis_sum": "0.00000402",
      "status_code": 3,
      "memo": "mass_cash_out 0.00040690 with commission 1% (0.00000402) including normal fee plan (0.00000288)",
      "sendmany": {
        "2NAAdn1BiHuXgckPKmREfVc8WTX3U3N7Qo4": "0.00020000",
        "2N7cy1atVsNZhH6EuKE7HPseMSW5QbEEC6g": "0.00020000"
      "params": {
        "fee": {
          "conf_target": 3,
          "plan": "normal",
          "value": "0.00000288"
      "tx": [
          "txid": "86b5ec4404d98b9bccaaa39630e01d49f6e5e76a97664bf18a4e0da800b9f949",
          "value": "0.00040000",
          "block": null,
          "processed": true
      "expire_at_utc": null,
      "created_at_utc": 1591873548,
      "amount": "0.00040000",
      "tx_url": "",
      "finished_at_utc": null,
      "id": "5ee210133f5a5e30771f0283"

HTTP response status code: 200


Success response:


Field Description
status success
user_id Profile ID
shop_id Shop ID
type cash_in, cash_out, mass_cash_out, invoice
status pending, completed, error, new, expired, mismatch, cancelled
tx_url link to the cryptocurrency block explorer
id Operation ID

White-label additional data:

Field Description
pending_sum Unconfirmed amount (mempool)
psys_cid ID column from supported cryptocurrencies
currency Code of the cryptocurrency (supported cryptocurrencies)
source_currency Fiat currency - USD by default or source_currency was set (See Code-column from supported fiat currencies)
source_rate Exchange rate from the “psys_cid” to the “source_currency” at the moment of transfer
fee Transaction fee set in the transfer
wallet_hash Destination hash (type=cash_out) or invoice hash
sendmany Pairs of hashes and values (type=mass_cash_out)
expire_at_utc Timestamp in UTC timezone; it may need to be divided by 1000
created_at_utc Timestamp in the UTC timezone; it may need to be divided by 1000
amount Amount received/transferred by an operation (invoice, cash-in/cash-out)
sum - invoice: params.amount + Plisio commission (if customer pays commission) or params.amount (if merchant pays commission)
- cash-out: transfer amount + network fee
- cash-in: received amount
commission Plisio commission
actual_sum Real incoming amount
actual_commission Plisio commission taken
actual_fee Network fee (move invoice to wallet)
actual_invoice_sum actual_sum - actual_commis_sim - actual_fee
tx_id Array of transaction ids
confirmations Block confirmations number
status_code Status code id
params.fee “conf_target” - estimated fee parameter to confirm the transaction in the “conf_target” blocks
plan - the Plisio’s fee plan name
value - fee value (cash-out, mass-cash-out)
params.order_number Invoice order number. It must be unique in your store (invoice)
params.order_name Order name (invoice)
params.description Order description (invoice)
params.source_amount Invoice amount in fiat currency (invoice)
params.source_currency Fiat currency (See Code-column from supported fiat currencies)
params.source_rate Source currency rate to cryptocurrency
params.currency Name of the cryptocurrency (supported cryptocurrencies)
params.amount Invoice amount in selected cryptocurrency (invoice)

Error response example:

    "status": "error",
    "data": {
      "name": "Not Found",
      "message": "The specified resource does not exist",
      "code": 111

HTTP response status codes: 401, 500


Error response:


Field Description
status error error name
data.message error explanation
data.code error code