HTTP response status codes

For successful requests, Plisio returns HTTP 2XX status codes.

For failed requests, Plisio returns HTTP 4XX or 5XX status codes.

Full list of status codes:

Status code Description
200 OK The request is successful.
201 Created A POST method created a resource successfully. If the resource was already created by a previous execution of the same method, for example, the server returns the HTTP 200 OK status code.
202 Accepted
The server accepted the request and will execute it later.
204 No Content The server successfully executed the method but returned no response body.
400 Bad Request INVALID_REQUEST. Request is not well-formed, syntactically incorrect, or violates schema.
401 Unauthorized AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE. Authentication failed due to invalid authentication credentials.
403 Forbidden NOT_AUTHORIZED. Authorization failed due to insufficient permissions.
404 Not Found RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND. The specified resource does not exist.
405 Method Not Allowed METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED. The server does not implement the requested HTTP method.
406 Not Acceptable MEDIA_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTABLE. The server does not implement the media type that would be acceptable to the client.
415 Unsupported Media Type UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE. The server does not support the request payload’s media type.
422 Unprocessable Entity
UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY. The API cannot complete the requested action, or the request action is semantically incorrect or fails business validation.
429 Unprocessable Entity RATE_LIMIT_REACHED. Too many requests. Blocked due to rate limiting.
500 Internal Server Error INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR. An internal server error has occurred.
503 Service Unavailable SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE. Service Unavailable.