Setting shop

Shop setting

In the "Integration time" field, you can select from the drop-down list one of the plug-in options that your store uses. When selecting "Custom" additional fields are displayed.


Description of fields:

Field Description
Secret key This secret key will be used with all API calls.
Request IP IP address or IP subnet (CIDR) for the request to our gateway`s api
Status URL URL for the response from our gateway's API
Success URL URL of the user return to the site after payment success
Failed URL URL of the user return to the site after payment failed
Who pays the commission Who pays the commission the client or the site
Supported currencies List of cryptocurrencies that are allowed for a payment.
Expiration period (in minutes) Expiration period created invoice
White-label payment processing Invoices are created on your website. You can customise a personal design or standard theme of your plugin. Plisio is responsible for all technical operations. When using White Label, the fixed fee equals 1%.
High-risk business  
Disable withdrawal via API Disable withdrawal