Important: New minimum invoice amount for ETH and USDT

Important: New minimum invoice amount for ETH and USDT


Due to the Ethereum increase in value, the gas price has also increased threefold. Such conditions affect the ETH and USDT transactions inevitably. 

These cryptocurrencies feature internal transactions, pooling funds from all invoices so a client could use the entire amount as a whole. 

A cryptocurrency gateway usually takes care of all transaction fees; a client is responsible for the transaction amount only. 

As a result of significant rise in the gas price, the fee amount for such transactions has increased accordingly. At the moment, it is not possible for a client to avoid financial losses  when performing these transactions. In this regard, we are forced to change the minimum invoice amount for ETH and USDT transactions. 

From now on, the minimum invoice amount in ETH and USDT cryptocurrencies is $150. 

Plisio doesn’t profit on transaction fees. We change the terms for the client's’ convenience only. This is a necessary and, most likely, temporary measure. 

To provide your customers with more payment options, you can set up some other cryptocurrencies in your store settings. The terms for other cryptocurrencies remain the same.

Stay tuned so you won’t miss any important updates. 

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