Create your Donation Page!

Create your Donation Page!

We’ve prepared for you a useful feature that will grant you more new opportunities - Donation Page

You can create your own page for donations and customize its design, add there all your links and contacts. Receive payments in a new, practical way.

Donation Page is a new tool that will allow you not only receive payments, but also make the overall process more convenient for you and your followers. 

New Crypto Donate Solution
Just like most of our updates, the Donation Page was created by our users' request. This is your individual page for donations, but not the only one - you can create as many unique Donation pages as you want. 

From now on, you can show your contributors how to donate by just placing one link, button or QR code. By following your link, your supporters will see your page with custom design, contact links and other info that you can add in your account profile.

create donate page
This solution is universal and can be used for many purposes. For instance, it’s great for foundations, streamers, influencers, startups, public projects and any other crowdfunding purposes. 

In this list, we’ve mentioned only some spheres this solution is useful for. As a matter of fact, you can use the Donation page for almost anything. The only thing to stop you is your imagination. 

You can place a link to your page or QR code: 

  • In the video description
  • On your website
  • On your social media
  • Send it via email \ WhatsApp \ Telegram \ etc
  • Or on any other platforms, where you share your information.

The button leading to your Donation Page will perfectly fit in any section of your website. All you ever got to do is to paste an already generated code to your website. 

Customization Crypto Donate Page
You can add to the page additional information about you or your project. You can find such a setting on the Donation Page.

how to make crypto donate page
You can change:
  • Name
  • Description 
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies 
  • Thank-you message
  • Link to websites or social media
  • The background, text and button color 

Once you’re done setting up your perfect Donation Page, just copy the link and place the button and Donation Page link on your website! 

You can learn more about Donation Page settings in our FAQ

Use this feature to grow your projects, business and ideas together with your ambitions. Meanwhile, we will keep working on making Plisio a better place for you!

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