USDT TRC 20 new invoice minimum: How to accept small transactions

USDT TRC 20 new invoice minimum: How to accept small transactions

The minimum invoice amount for USDT TRC 20 is now $75. This new limit is due to the increased Tron network fee. We recommend you transact in BUSD to make micropayments. This will help you cut the network fee costs. 

New invoice minimum

As the Tron network  transaction fee has increased recently, Plisio has decided to increase the minimum invoice amount for this cryptocurrency. 

The new invoice amount limitation of $75 resulted from the increased transaction fee for smaller transaction processing. 

In case you decide to create an invoice which is less than $75, you will simply lose a considerable part of the transaction amount on the network fee. 

How to accept small transactions

We understand that your business may depend on small transactions. For that reason, we suggest you accept payments in another cryptocurrency like BUSD. 

By creating a BUSD invoice, you will make the transaction more cost-effective for you and your client. 

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