Magic Eden: Solana’s NFT Marketplace

Magic Eden: Solana’s NFT Marketplace

The Ethereum blockchain was once viewed as the unrivaled hub for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, as NFTs surged into the limelight, the landscape evolved dramatically, extending beyond the confines of any single blockchain. Today, NFTs have found a place on almost every major blockchain, leading to a proliferation of NFT marketplaces that emerge on a seemingly quarterly basis.

Magic Eden is a prime example of an innovative marketplace that transcends mere transaction facilitation. Boasting remarkably low transaction fees and zero charges for listing NFTs, Magic Eden has rapidly ascended as a formidable force in the competitive arena of NFT marketplaces. Moreover, it differentiates itself by offering a user-friendly interface and additional services like rarity ranking, which helps collectors discern the value of NFTs more easily. This approach not only attracts a broader range of users but also enhances the overall NFT trading experience.

What Is The Magic Eden NFT Marketplace?

Magic Eden, a standout player in the NFT marketplace, has established itself as the leading platform on the Solana blockchain since its inception on September 17, 2021. Initially tailored for Solana, it has impressively expanded to support Ethereum and Polygon, encompassing a wider range of digital collectibles and gaming assets.

The founders of Magic Eden, Sidney Zhang, Jack Lu, Zhuoxun Yin, and Zhuojie Zou, have driven the platform's rapid growth. Their vision led to Magic Eden becoming not just a hub for NFT trading, but also the launchpad for Magic Eden Games, enhancing the platform's appeal to a diverse audience.

With a unique blend of user-friendly tools, a strong community focus, and a diverse token offering, Magic Eden appeals to a broad spectrum of users. Its simplicity and inclusive approach have played a pivotal role in its success, facilitating everything from minting and listing to trading NFTs. The platform's rise to prominence is evidenced by its substantial trading volume, often surpassing that of its biggest competitor, OpenSea.

Significantly, Magic Eden raised $130 million in Series B funding in July 2022, reaching a valuation of $1.6 billion. This remarkable achievement, especially during a period of general downturn in the crypto and NFT markets, underscores the platform's unique position and the high level of investor confidence in its potential. The funding has been pivotal in expanding its offerings, including multi-chain capabilities, and cementing its status as a major player in the NFT space.

Accessible via a web interface, a cryptocurrency app, and a native iOS app, Magic Eden caters to a wide user base. Compatibility with web3 wallets like Phantom for Solana-based assets or MetaMask for Ethereum and Polygon assets is essential for transactions. Users can engage in a comprehensive marketplace, featuring diverse categories and insights, enhancing their experience in buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

Overall, Magic Eden's journey from a Solana-centric platform to a multi-chain powerhouse demonstrates its dynamic approach and commitment to evolving with the NFT market's trends.

Features and functions of Magic Eden

Magic Eden presents an extensive selection of NFT collections from the Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains, featuring prominent series like DeGods, Solana Monkey Business, CryptoPunks, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, among others. Users can effortlessly switch between these blockchains using the tab at the top of the screen.

On the homepage, the left-hand menu guides users through various functionalities. The initial display showcases Solana NFT collections, sorted by popularity. However, users have multiple sorting and filtering options to tailor their search for specific collections. When exploring a particular collection, detailed filters allow users to search for individual items based on attributes like clothing or eye color.

In addition to standard secondary market listings, Magic Eden provides a platform for users to auction their NFTs or mint new ones through its Launchpad, among other innovative features.


Magic Eden's auction feature serves as a dynamic meeting point for buyers and sellers, facilitating the process of reaching a consensus on the value of NFTs. This tool is especially beneficial for independent digital artists, enabling them to price their creations more precisely and showcase the demand for their work.

The real-time nature of these auctions adds an exciting and interactive element to the buying and selling process. Artists and collectors can witness the live interest in a piece, creating a more engaging and transparent marketplace. A list of ongoing auctions can be easily accessed from the left-hand menu on the platform.

In addition to supporting artists and collectors, this auction feature also enhances market liquidity and provides insights into current market trends and valuations. The real-time bidding process helps in establishing fair market prices for NFTs, reflecting their true demand and popularity. This transparency and dynamism make Magic Eden a robust platform for both new entrants and seasoned NFT enthusiasts.


The Magic Eden Launchpad serves as a dedicated space for projects to mint their NFTs, offering a comprehensive platform for creators to bring their digital assets to the market.

To assist creators in maximizing the reach and impact of their collections, Magic Eden provides an array of support services, including extensive marketing and promotional efforts. These initiatives significantly enhance the visibility and appeal of a collection, attracting a wider audience of potential buyers and collectors.

However, the entry to the Launchpad is selective and meticulous. Magic Eden maintains a high standard, choosing to list only those projects that meet its criteria for quality and potential. This rigorous selection process ensures that only premium, credible projects are introduced to the marketplace, maintaining the platform's reputation for excellence.

This curated approach benefits both creators and collectors by fostering a trusted environment where quality and innovation are prioritized. For creators, this means their work is showcased alongside other esteemed projects, and for collectors, it offers a sense of security and confidence in the quality of NFTs available on the Launchpad.


Magic Eden's Lists feature, easily accessible from the left-hand menu, offers users the opportunity to apply for whitelisting for forthcoming projects, enabling them to become authorized participants in upcoming mints.

This feature displays an organized list of upcoming collections, complete with social media links, scheduled mint dates, and the number of available slots for participation. When users select the “Register” option for a specific collection, they are presented with a detailed set of requirements. This includes an invitation to link their relevant social media accounts and cryptocurrency wallet, streamlining the process of becoming a part of a new NFT project.

Adding to its utility, the Lists feature also provides insights into the popularity and community engagement of each project. Users can gauge the level of interest in a collection based on the number of registrations, fostering an informed decision-making process. This not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to a more vibrant and dynamic NFT community within Magic Eden, where collectors and creators are closely connected through interactive and transparent mechanisms.


In March 2022, Magic Eden expanded its offerings by introducing Magic Eden Games, a dedicated gaming platform. This addition hosts an array of titles, such as Genopets and The Sandbox, among others. Accessible from the left menu within the Magic Eden interface, the main Games homepage is a portal where users can dive into various games, view exciting trailers, and explore and acquire in-game NFTs.

Beyond just being a platform for games, Magic Eden Games actively engages its community by organizing tournaments. These events are primarily hosted through its Discord channel, fostering a lively and interactive gaming community. This initiative not only enhances the gaming experience but also creates a more dynamic and engaging environment, connecting players and fans in real-time competitions and discussions.

Additionally, Magic Eden Games serves as a bridge between traditional gaming and the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming. By incorporating NFTs into the gaming experience, it offers gamers novel ways to own, trade, and benefit from in-game assets. This integration represents a significant step forward in the evolution of gaming, merging entertainment with the financial and collectible aspects of NFTs, thereby attracting a diverse range of players and collectors to the platform.


Magic Eden has innovatively ventured into decentralized governance through the creation of "Magic tickets", a unique type of NFT that symbolizes ownership in the Magic Eden DAO, known as MagicDAO. In a strategic move to engage and reward its community, Magic Eden conducted an airdrop in February 2022, distributing Magic tickets to wallets that had previously interacted with its platform. Additionally, these tickets are purchasable in the MagicDAO section, easily accessible under the “Resources” tab in the left-hand menu.

Owning a Magic ticket is more than just a symbolic gesture; it grants holders the power to actively participate in the decision-making process of the project by voting in regular polls on governance issues. This involvement in governance empowers users, giving them a voice in the platform's future direction and operations.

Furthermore, members of MagicDAO enjoy exclusive perks. These benefits range from automatic whitelisting for new projects, which ensures early access to upcoming NFT drops, to special access to Magic Eden branded merchandise. This approach not only fosters a sense of community and belonging among the ticket holders but also incentivizes active participation in the platform’s governance and evolution.

By integrating these features, Magic Eden is not just offering a stake in its governance; it's building a community of engaged and invested users, enhancing the overall value and appeal of the Magic Eden ecosystem. This model of decentralized governance and community perks sets a new standard in the NFT marketplace, encouraging user loyalty and fostering a more collaborative and inclusive platform.

Fees and vetting

Magic Eden's marketplace operates with a clear fee structure for transactions: a flat 1.5% taker fee on buy and sell orders. However, this fee can be reduced for users based on their reward level, which is determined by the volume of their trades. In contrast to many other platforms, Magic Eden does not charge any fees for listing NFTs.

Adhering to a high standard of quality, Magic Eden implements a rigorous vetting process for all listings. This ensures that only high-quality NFTs are available on the platform, maintaining its reputation as a premium marketplace. The “Creators” button, located in the left-hand menu, provides a comprehensive suite of options for creators and sellers. This includes functionalities for secondary sales, auctions, and minting on the Launchpad, offering a versatile and user-friendly experience for all types of NFT transactions.

A unique feature of Magic Eden is the flexibility it offers to buyers regarding royalty payments. When purchasing an NFT, buyers have the option to decide the amount of royalty to be paid to the original creators or project owners. They can choose to pay the full royalty, half, or opt not to pay any royalties at all. This feature not only provides flexibility to buyers but also introduces a novel approach to royalty distribution in the NFT space.

Additionally, Magic Eden's approach to royalties could potentially lead to a more nuanced and user-driven market, where the value and appreciation of creators' work can be directly influenced by the community. This model encourages a deeper connection between creators and collectors, potentially leading to more sustainable and supportive relationships within the NFT ecosystem.

Benefits of using Magic Eden

Magic Eden stands out in the NFT marketplace with its competitively low transaction fees, set at only 1.5%. This rate undercuts even its closest competitors, such as OpenSea, which typically charges a 2.5% fee. This advantage positions Magic Eden as a favored platform among NFT traders seeking cost-efficiency in their transactions.

Beyond its fee structure, Magic Eden distinguishes itself with a well-crafted user interface that boasts a wider range of features than many competitors. Notable among these features are its auction capabilities and a dedicated gaming platform, enhancing the user experience and broadening the scope of activities available on the site.

Another significant aspect of Magic Eden is its commitment to quality and security. The platform enforces a stringent vetting process for creators and their listings, substantially reducing the risk of scams or subpar projects. This policy contrasts sharply with some rival platforms, which may not have such rigorous standards, and thus, Magic Eden offers a more secure and trustworthy environment for its users.

The combination of low fees, a robust and feature-rich interface, and a strong emphasis on quality and security not only makes Magic Eden an attractive option for users but also contributes to its growing reputation as a reliable and innovative player in the NFT space. This approach likely contributes to the platform's increasing popularity and may set a new standard for user experience and trust in the NFT marketplace.

Magic Eden vs. OpenSea

In the realm of Solana-based NFT trading, Magic Eden significantly outperforms OpenSea, the overall market leader in NFT trading, which only began supporting Solana in April 2022. According to data from a Dune Analytics dashboard by SeaLaunch, Magic Eden dominates 97%  of the daily trading volume for Solana NFTs. This data is derived from analyzing the trading fees on both platforms, highlighting Magic Eden's significant market share within the Solana ecosystem.

However, when considering the broader NFT market across all blockchains, OpenSea maintains its position as the larger platform in terms of daily sales. While Magic Eden records an average daily trading volume of around 55,000 SOL (equivalent to about $2.1 million), OpenSea consistently sees around $15 million in Ethereum trades every 24 hours.

The stark difference in network dominance is a key factor separating these two platforms. Magic Eden reigns on the Solana blockchain, while OpenSea has a broader reach across various blockchains, including Ethereum. Solana, known for its speed and lower transaction costs compared to Ethereum, has been a point of differentiation and competition. As of August 2023, these advantages make Solana an attractive alternative for many users and developers.

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