Anonymous Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

As the eCommerce and digital retail market now offer dozens of payment options, cryptocurrency has become a very powerful tool in the business owners’ hands. Experience shows that more than 70% of business owners have already integrated a cryptocurrency payment solution into their online stores. Why is crypto the right choice for a purchase option? We will tell you in this article.

Make Your Business Up-to-Date

Cryptocurrency solutions for your business is the key to making it superior in comparison to your competitors. Not only will you attract new customers worldwide, but also gain more profit. Such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin is not dependent on the exchange rates as it is completely decentralized; there is no need to for third parties or banks to get involved. You will face lowest or no transaction fees at all, which will save you both time and money. We’ve already written an article where you can learn more about why your business needs crypto

Anon Bitcoin

Some buyers don’t want to expose their personal data when it comes to paying. As a matter of fact, crypto payments is a perfect solution for such occasions as one of the key advantages of digital currencies is users’ anonymity. Thanks to the blockchain tracking system, all payments are strictly confidential and stored in the remote blockchain ledger. You don’t need to enter any personal data, all is needed to make a transaction is the recipient wallet address.  Any chance of fraud and chargebacks is eliminated as people with no funds cannot make a transaction in the first place.

Crypto Gateway for Businesses

Cryptocurrency payment gateway is a tool that allows your business to smoothly transfer and accept cryptocurrencies right on your website. Thanks to this feature, you won’t require any third party authentication or extra permissions. Decentralized payment gateway has everything your business needs – ranging from a secure environment for your funds to low fees on every transaction.

Anonymity You’re Looking For

The best cryptocurrency payment solution is that allowing you to remain anonymous spending on payments as little time as possible. Plisio offers you the payment gateway with a flexible API and the whole range of popular integrations like Opencart, WHMCS, VirtueMart or WooCommerce with a ready step-by-step connection guide. But most importantly, you won’t need to provide any documents or other proofs of identity – we respect privacy in business and follow all the today’s security standards.

Grow your business by connecting the most anonymous cryptocurrency payment gateway. We offer NO KYC procedures - don’t spend your precious time on paperwork and save money on lowest fees on the market. You can find the guide on how you can connect Plisio cryptocurrency payment solution in a matter of just a few minutes here.

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