3 Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs White Label

3 Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs White Label

As we all already know, one of the best solutions for your business is to start accepting cryptocurrencies. You won’t need to spend extra money on fees and promotions to make your business more popular and up-to-date – a readymade cryptocurrency payment gateway solution on your website will take care of everything. Still, there are a wide range of gateways and it can be difficult to choose the one that is right just for you. In this article we want to show you one of the best solutions you can find in the market. We’re talking about Plisio’s White Label!

What is White Label?

While Label does not only offer you a payment gateway but also a full range of personalization options. It differs from the usual API in several ways that you might find quite useful. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

No Redirections

With White Label your customers won’t be redirected to other websites when making a payment. Your own payment system will let you hold customers on the website, which makes it quite convenient for managing all the marketing mechanisms.

Your Invoice Design

Now you can make your own design for invoices! Add your logo or change anything as you see fit to make your invoices memorable and convenient for customers. That’s how your payment processing looks like before connecting White Label: 

 Image 1
Once you’ve connected White Label, it will look like this:

Image 2

Full Management

White Label allows you to manage all your accounts and see transaction history for any of them. Besides, it’s never been easier for business owners as Plisio is responsible for all technical operations and details. Your data and operations are guaranteed to be protected so there won’t be anything to worry about.

How to enable White Label

As we always seek to make our platform as convenient for our users as possible, we’ve made the White Label connection really simple. All you need is to check the “White Label payment processing” option in the API settings. You can take a look at the picture below:
 Image 3

As you can see, White Label is a great payment gateway solution for business owners. Payments without redirections, customizable invoice design and full management of all important processes make White Label an indispensable tool in growing business of any size and type.

Plisio has a lot of favorable offers for business owners. If you are interested in growing your business and finally accepting crypto, contact us on the Plisio website. We have a lot of interesting solutions and personal plans that might interest you.

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We’ve added more articles about different features to our FAQ. Perhaps, you can find answers there. If you need any help, contact the support team via Live Chat. 


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