OKX Review: Pros, Cons and Features

OKX Review: Pros, Cons and Features

OKX Exchange, founded in 2017 and based in Seychelles, has rapidly ascended to become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Offering a diverse selection of over 250 digital assets, OKX caters to a wide range of crypto enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced traders.

The exchange is renowned for its user-friendly interface, available both on desktop and mobile applications, making it accessible to users anywhere at any time. Its comprehensive platform not only facilitates straightforward crypto trading but also introduces users to earning opportunities through the Earn program. This initiative allows for passive income generation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Additionally, OKX takes pride in its proprietary blockchain technology, OKExChain. This innovation underscores the exchange's commitment to decentralization, offering users direct access to a realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. From on-chain asset management to the burgeoning world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), OKExChain is a testament to OKX's forward-thinking approach.

For those new to the crypto world or seasoned traders seeking to broaden their horizons, OKX ensures an effortless registration process. This user-centric approach grants immediate entry into the world of crypto trading, complemented by a mobile app designed for optimal navigation and engagement.

As the world’s second-largest crypto derivatives trading exchange by volume, OKX appeals to advanced traders through a suite of sophisticated tools. Features such as futures trading, trading bots, and margin trading are tailored to those looking for an edge in their trading strategies. Moreover, a demo account feature allows both newcomers and experienced traders to familiarize themselves with the platform without financial risk.

In this comprehensive OKX review, we've delved into the exchange’s extensive offerings, from its diverse asset portfolio to advanced trading functionalities. We’ve also highlighted the seamless user experience, from registration to trading and beyond, making OKX a formidable contender for anyone's crypto exchange of choice. Whether you're embarking on your crypto journey or looking to enhance your trading techniques, OKX stands out as a platform worth considering.

OKX Exchange Pros and Cons

OKX Exchange stands out in the crowded field of cryptocurrency platforms, offering a broad spectrum of services through its desktop and mobile app. Known for its user-friendly interface, the OKX App mirrors the website’s functionality, presenting an intuitive and well-designed gateway to cryptocurrency trading. This review encapsulates the multifaceted aspects of OKX, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.


  • Extensive Cryptocurrency Selection: With over 670 market pairs, OKX boasts a vast selection of cryptocurrencies, catering to a wide range of investor preferences.
  • Low Fees: The exchange is recognized for its low trading fees, alongside no currency conversion or deposit fees, making it an economical choice for traders.
  • Innovative Trading Features: Users have access to advanced trading options, including spot market trading, futures, and derivatives, alongside a user-friendly spot trading UI.
  • Passive Income Opportunities: Through the Earn program, OKX offers avenues for passive income, enhancing the value proposition for its users.
  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: The platform is commended for its easy sign-up process without the need for identity verification, alongside a straightforward interface and a separate mobile application. A demo account is also available for beginners.
  • Native Blockchain Access: The native OKX blockchain enables users to delve into decentralized finance, providing a comprehensive crypto experience.
  • Payment and Deposit Flexibility: OKX accepts multiple payment methods and charges zero fees on deposits, although funding is primarily crypto-based unless using a third party.


  • Geographical Restrictions: OKX is not available to users in the US and Canada, posing a significant limitation for potential customers in these regions.
  • Withdrawal Limitations and Fees: The platform imposes certain restrictions on withdrawals, with some criticism over unclear withdrawal fees.
  • Complex Features for Beginners: While offering advanced functionalities, these can be overwhelming for newcomers to the cryptocurrency space.
  • Funding Limitations: The inability to deposit fiat currency directly can be a barrier for those preferring traditional funding methods.
  • Customer Support: Some users have reported issues with customer support, indicating room for improvement in service responsiveness.

The Best Features and Services Offered by OKX

  • Diverse Cryptocurrency Offerings and Exceptional Liquidity: OKX sets a high standard in the cryptocurrency exchange market by providing access to an expansive selection of over 350 digital currencies. This includes not only the major players like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Ripple (XRP), and Dogecoin (DOGE) but also extends to DeFi standouts and sought-after tokens such as BLUR, Compound (COMP), and Internet Computer (ICP). OKX's extensive list of trading pairs for many leading cryptocurrencies simplifies portfolio rebalancing, with numerous options for BTC and ETH pairs, ensuring traders can easily shift assets without unnecessary exchanges.
  • Competitive Trading Costs: OKX distinguishes itself by offering more affordable trading options than many competitors, including Binance and Coinbase. Spot transaction fees on OKX are remarkably low, at just 0.08% for trades involving USDT pairs, a figure that notably undercuts the 0.1% charged by Binance Advance Trade and the 0.6% by Coinbase Advanced. Furthermore, for select pairs such as USDC, BTC, and ETH, OKX further reduces costs, with fees as low as 0.05% for limit orders and 0.07% for market orders, promoting cost-effective trading practices.
  • Comprehensive Educational Resources: OKX is committed to empowering its users with knowledge and tools for effective trading. Newcomers are welcomed with a demo account, preloaded with virtual representations of leading cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH. This feature allows users to practice spot trading, leverage futures trading, and even explore automated trading bots without financial risk. Additionally, OKX introduces copy trading, an innovative learning tool that enables users to mimic the strategies of experienced traders, offering a practical learning curve in the art of crypto trading.
  • Advanced Wallet Application: The OKX Wallet app is a powerhouse, supporting transactions across 77 different blockchains. It seamlessly integrates with decentralized applications (dApps), enabling users to execute swaps or engage in yield-earning activities with ease. This level of support and flexibility underscores OKX's role as a comprehensive platform for managing digital assets efficiently.

By offering a blend of wide-ranging cryptocurrency options, reduced trading fees, valuable learning opportunities, and a robust wallet application, OKX not only stands out as a leading exchange but also as a holistic platform catering to the diverse needs of the crypto community.

Who Should Choose OKX

  • Ideal for Users of Trading Bots: For traders looking to optimize their strategies with minimal manual intervention, OKX presents an impressive array of trading bots, all available at no extra cost. These bots cater to a variety of trading needs, from executing consistent dollar-cost averaging strategies to engaging in more complex futures trades involving volatile cryptocurrencies. This feature is particularly appealing for those who wish to automate their trading processes efficiently.
  • Perfect for High-Volume BTC and ETH Traders: OKX shines for individuals who deal extensively in Bitcoin and Ethereum, thanks to its competitive fee structure and deep liquidity for these trading pairs. The platform's ability to cater to high-volume traders is further enhanced by exclusive bonuses and OKX referral codes, offering access to unique rewards and incentives that enhance the trading experience.
  • Suitable for Those Familiar with Crypto Wallets: While OKX supports a wide range of functionalities, the platform's approach to account funding, particularly the transfer costs from external wallets, might be more appealing to users already versed in managing crypto wallets. For such users, transferring cryptocurrencies from one wallet to OKX could be the most viable and economical option, despite the potentially higher costs compared to direct bank account linkages on other platforms.
  • A Blend of Advanced Features and Beginner-Friendly Tools: Despite its orientation towards more experienced traders, owing to its advanced features and the nuances of funding accounts, OKX also places a strong emphasis on accessibility for newcomers. The inclusion of copy trading and the provision of well-resourced demo accounts offer a valuable learning environment for novices. These tools allow beginners to gain hands-on experience and develop their trading skills in a risk-free setting.

OKX Trading Fees and Rates

OKX distinguishes itself in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape by not imposing monthly fees for maintaining a trading account. Instead, like many platforms in the sector, it opts for a transaction fee model, taking a small cut from each trade conducted on its platform. Initially set at competitive rates, these fees can be further reduced by navigating through OKX's tier system, albeit this system may appear complex at first glance.

Fee Structure Details

The exchange employs a maker-taker fee model. Makers, who contribute to market liquidity by placing orders not immediately filled, enjoy lower fees. Conversely, takers, who remove liquidity by executing orders at market prices instantly, incur higher fees. This approach incentivizes balanced market participation.

Spot Trading Fees

OKX users benefit from fee discounts when trading large volumes or holding OKX tokens. For instance, spot trading fees for USDT pairs start at 0.080% for orders under 100 OKB tokens and decrease to 0.060% for those holding over 1,000 OKB tokens. Similar discounts apply to trading pairs with assets like USDC, DAI, BTC, and ETH, where fees can drop as low as 0.030% for substantial OKB holders.

Futures Trading Fees

Futures trading on OKX, particularly with leverage, attracts fees based on the total position size. The platform offers reduced fees for futures trades in USDT-M perpetual pairs, starting at 0.020% for less than 100 OKB tokens and decreasing to 0.015% for holdings exceeding 1,000 OKB tokens. VIP traders enjoy additional discounts, with the futures trading volume influencing the rate.

Funding Rates and Perpetual Futures

OKX's perpetual futures contracts involve funding rates charged every eight hours, which can either increase or decrease the cost of maintaining a position, depending on market conditions. These rates ensure the futures trading price remains aligned with the spot market.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits on OKX are fee-free, though third-party services like Mercuryo or Moonpay might impose charges. Crypto deposits only require network fees, typically influenced by current network demand. OKX supports over 100 payment methods for peer-to-peer (P2P) trades, providing a versatile gateway for fiat-to-crypto conversions.

For withdrawals, OKX charges network fees without additional costs, striving for fairness based on network demand. The platform also facilitates BTC transactions via the Lightning Network for more economical withdrawals. Users should be aware of potential fees when converting crypto to fiat through third-party or P2P services, with transaction costs potentially reaching 2% or more.

OKX Futures

OKX stands out for its robust futures trading platform, accommodating both traditional futures with set expiration dates and perpetual futures for those looking to maintain positions as long as they remain profitable. This dual approach caters to a broad spectrum of trading strategies and preferences.

  • Traditional Futures: These contracts, particularly focusing on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) paired against the US Dollar Coin (USDC), allow traders to leverage up to 50 times their initial investment.
  • Perpetual Futures: A wider selection is available here, with over 150 USDT pairs and the opportunity for up to 100x leverage, appealing to those seeking higher risk and reward scenarios.

User-Friendly Trading Interface

Although the OKX dashboard offers quick tips on crucial trading concepts such as isolated and cross-margin, it stops short of providing direct links to training videos or in-depth articles—a feature some competitors offer. However, users can access a selection of basic trading guides via the “Learn” section in the top menu for self-study.

Intuitive Features for Strategic Trading

OKX's futures trading platform is praised for its intuitive design, simplifying the process of setting stop-loss and take-profit orders. The ability to swiftly reverse positions in response to sudden market changes underscores the platform's adaptability to volatile trading environments. To aid in strategic planning, OKX includes a "position builder" tool, enhancing decision-making by simulating potential long or short positions across various futures and options trades.

Community and Learning Through Copy Trading

Similar to platforms like eToro and MEXC, OKX introduces copy trading, allowing users to mirror the trades of experienced investors. This feature enables newcomers to learn from seasoned traders, with a minimum investment threshold of $10 per copy trade. It's an effective way to engage with the market, leveraging the expertise of leading traders who often utilize leverage and futures contracts to optimize returns.

Automation and Customization with Trading Bots

While demo accounts at OKX do not support copy trading, they do offer the chance to experiment with trading bots, including those capable of executing futures contracts. These bots follow preset rules for trading yet provide customization options for those looking to tailor their strategies. Users find the pre-configured bots user-friendly, and creating custom bots does not require advanced technical skills, making it accessible for a wide audience.

OKX Staking

OKX provides its users with opportunities to generate passive income through cryptocurrency, offering more stable and potentially lucrative avenues compared to traditional investment options. By engaging in staking and utilizing high-yield savings accounts, users can see their digital assets grow over time.

  • High-Yield Savings Accounts: OKX mirrors the functionality of a traditional bank by allowing users to deposit their tokens into high-yield savings accounts. These accounts are used by OKX to lend funds to others, generating an annual growth rate for the account holder typically between 5% to 10%. This approach offers a relatively secure method of earning passive income on your cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Staking for Higher Returns: For those seeking higher returns, staking presents an appealing option. By staking your digital assets, you contribute to the maintenance and operation of various blockchain networks. In exchange for this support, stakers are often among the first to receive new coins minted from these blockchains. The potential annual returns from staking on OKX can vary widely, from 3% to an impressive 72%, depending on the project and market conditions. However, as OKX cautions, past performance does not necessarily predict future results, and investors should approach staking with an understanding of the associated risks and rewards.
  • Considerations and Risks: While staking and high-yield savings accounts can offer attractive returns, OKX emphasizes the importance of understanding that historical returns are not guaranteed future outcomes. The cryptocurrency market's inherent volatility means that while some may achieve substantial gains, there's also a risk of significant fluctuations in return rates.

OKX Regulation and Security

OKX adopts a rigorous security framework to ensure the safety of its users' assets, focusing on a blend of cutting-edge technology and strict operational protocols. These measures are designed to mitigate risks and protect against potential threats.

  • Cold Wallet Storage Limits: OKX limits the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) stored in any single cold wallet to 1,000 BTC, minimizing exposure in the event of unauthorized access.
  • Isolated Private Keys: The platform ensures that private keys, crucial for accessing cryptocurrencies, are never exposed to the internet or external devices like USBs, guarding against cyber threats.
  • Bank-Level Key Backups: Backups of private keys are securely stored in bank vaults, providing an additional layer of security against physical and digital breaches.
  • Controlled Access: Decryption passwords and access to key backups are distributed among four specifically authorized employees, creating a checks-and-balances system to prevent internal fraud or mishandling.
  • Cold Wallet Usage Protocol: To further secure funds, any cold wallet is retired from deposit use following its first withdrawal, ensuring that wallet addresses are not reused and remain secure.
  • Geographical Diversification of Employees: Employees entrusted with sensitive information and access rights are strategically located in different geographical locations, reducing the risk associated with localized events or coercion.
  • One-Time Use Private Keys: In a unique approach to security, private keys are brought online for a single transaction and are never reused, significantly reducing the potential for interception or unauthorized use.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance and Security Oversight

OKX not only focuses on advanced security mechanisms but also emphasizes compliance with international regulatory standards, ensuring that its operations meet or exceed the legal requirements of jurisdictions in which it operates. This commitment to regulatory adherence not only enhances the platform's security posture but also builds trust with users and stakeholders.

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