CBD cryptocurrency payment gateway

CBD cryptocurrency payment gateway

If you're seeking a method to market your CBD merchandise on the internet, it's likely you're already aware of cannabidiol's surging reputation in the health and wellness realm.

A surge of online enterprises has started incorporating CBD into their digital stores. With an industry poised to generate $16 billion in revenue by 2025, it's no surprise, right?

Since the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, an escalating number of ecommerce entrepreneurs have been seeking payment gateways permitting CBD merchant processing.

To cater to the demand for CBD products, such as oils, capsules, supplements, and topical solutions, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid is being offered in a growing number of physical outlets and online shops.

Considering the CBD therapeutics division is set to accrue $9.30 billion in 2026, with a robust CAGR of 27.4%, this sector holds substantial revenue prospects. However, engaging in this high-risk domain necessitates a thorough grasp of executing CBD business transactions within legal parameters.

What makes it challenging for CBD firms to secure payment processing solutions?

Securing a trustworthy high-risk payment processor for your high-risk enterprise is a complex endeavor. Having substantial expertise in this domain, we comprehend the intricacies of the CBD sector's payment processing challenges.

CBD oil and its derivative products fall under the high-risk category. Despite CBD's legality, its origin from the same plant as THC, its illegal counterpart, triggers concerns. This unease extends to financial institutions, merchant providers, lenders, and those involved in finance. Many major entities categorize it as exceedingly risky and outright reject involvement in the industry.

CBD Payment Processing

Fortunately, there exist smaller service providers that are willing to embrace the 'risk' associated with your enterprise, and we stand among them. Drawing upon our expertise and affiliations, we are dedicated to furnishing cutting-edge offerings and solutions to empower the growth and stability of your business.

We present tailor-made solutions tailored to the demands of your CBD business, ensuring a seamless and swift onboarding process.

Capable of handling transactions deemed high-risk.

Your Plisio CBD payment processing partner has the ability to handle high-risk transactions.

Given the industry's emerging status and its location in a legal gray area, only a limited number of CBD payment processing providers are willing to navigate the risks associated with such transactions, which may involve payment card fraud and chargebacks.

Make it a priority to choose a company with significant experience in assisting businesses that operate in high-risk sectors.

Smoothly integrates with your existing platform.

No individual wishes to be compelled into migrating their ecommerce site to an entirely new platform just for the sake of incorporating a CBD payment processor, given that this could result in a substantial investment of time and a demoralizing experience.

Within Plisio, we have successfully executed numerous integrations across diverse ecommerce systems like Opencart, Woocommerce, and more. Opt for a partner that offers you the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate your CBD cryptocurrency payment processing system with a broad spectrum of e-commerce software.

A crucial component of our CBD payment system operates through crypto API integration, the prevalent payment gateway method. The primary advantage of employing an API is that business proprietors can manage this form of payment gateway, gaining insights into the customer's perspective of the eCommerce store's functionality.

Low fees

If you're seeking a dependable CBD payment processor, you're in the correct spot – our effective transaction fee stands at just 0.5%.

Chargebacks are absent in cryptocurrency gateways due to the inherent attributes of blockchain technology and the unique traits of cryptocurrency transactions. These transactions typically possess an irreversible nature, precluding any potential for reversal or contention once enacted. This configuration establishes a robust security framework and thwarts potential misuse or fraudulent activities.


Plisio eliminates the need for contractual agreements or company document verification. The process involves simple registration, configuring your gateway interaction via the API interface or utilizing pre-established integration with your CMS. With this straightforward approach, you're prepared to commence accepting payments.


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12 integrations

6 libraries for the most popular programming languages

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Apart from the reason that banks and financial institutions view CBD as closely linked to Cannabis, which is illegal in many regions, there is also a lack of comprehensive understanding of CBD within the medical field. As a result, these products continue to carry a degree of risk until they are thoroughly proven to be completely safe and beneficial for users worldwide.

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