How to export transaction history

In the “Transactions” section of your Dashboard, there are new search filters and export options available. You can now export a specific transaction list through using search filters. 

You have 5 search filters at your disposal that can help you export your transaction list. 

You can select 20, 50 or 100 latest transactions.

Filter transactions by their type:

If you have more than 1 online store integrated on your account, you can filter transactions by your stores. 

You can filter transactions by their status:

Filter your transaction list by cryptocurrency. 

To download a CSV table of your transaction history, click on the “Export” button.

Once you’ve filtered your data and downloaded a table, you can analyze your transactions based on:

  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction type
  • Transaction amount
  • Transaction currency

And any other data available. 

We’re working on making the transactions analytics, search filters and export better for your business and will let you know when there are new features available.