Plisio Mobile App is now available. Download it now!

Plisio Mobile App is now available. Download it now!

We’re glad to announce that the Plisio Android mobile app is now available. This mobile app allows you to use almost all of the Dashboard features. 

Accept payments, pay bills, create invoices and always be aware of all of your transactions and cryptocurrency rates. All in one click, wherever you are – right on your mobile device. 

QR code top-up and quick sending 
In our mobile app, you can send cryptocurrency to the address you need. To make the wallet top-up more convenient, use a QR code that will speed up the filling of the wallet details.  

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Keep track of cryptocurrency rates and transactions 
The cryptocurrency rates that are always up-to-date will allow you to stay on top of things. The full transaction history with convenient filters, in turn, will help you keep all personal expenses and your business finances under control. 

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Create invoices 
You need to create an invoice and send it to your customer? Easy! Set the necessary parameters in just a few clicks and the invoice link is already in your clipboard. Just send it to your customer and then they will be able to pay the invoice. 

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Download the Plisio mobile app to your Android device right now and keep your finances handy at any time! 

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We continue to work on improving the application. If you have any difficulties or suggestions, please contact the online support chat on our website. 

Also we’re currently working on the iOS app version. Stay tuned.

Thank you for choosing Plisio! 

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