CoinStats Review: Details, Fees and Features in 2024

CoinStats Review: Details, Fees and Features in 2024

If you're engaged in cryptocurrency investment across multiple exchanges and wallets, you're likely aware of the complexities and time demands involved in tracking your portfolio across these varied platforms. CoinStats emerges as a solution to this challenge, positioning itself as a versatile crypto portfolio tracker designed to simplify the monitoring of your investments and keep you abreast of market developments. This tool is geared towards providing a seamless overview of your digital assets, ensuring you can make timely and informed decisions.

For those in search of an effective way to manage their crypto investments, CoinStats is often recommended for its ability to offer a comprehensive view of one's portfolio. It's not just about tracking; this platform also promises to enhance your investment strategy by offering up-to-date market insights. However, amidst growing concerns over the security of digital assets, the reliability and safety of using CoinStats as your go-to portfolio management tool are of paramount importance.

In this exploration, we aim to deliver a thorough review of CoinStats, examining its features, usability, and security measures to determine whether it stands as a worthy choice for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio in 2024.

What is CoinStats?

CoinStats has emerged as a leading and highly regarded crypto portfolio tracker within the digital asset community since its inception in 2017. Catering to over 1.2 million users and supporting more than 8,000 coins and tokens, it stands as a pivotal tool for investors navigating the DeFi space. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the management of your cryptocurrency investments by syncing all your wallets and exchanges for a unified view of your portfolio, alongside providing access to market data, news, alerts, and more.

The utility of CoinStats is multifaceted, allowing users to connect their wallets and exchanges through API keys or public addresses, view detailed insights into their portfolio balance, profit/loss, allocation, history, and transaction data. It further enhances user experience by enabling the tracking of prices, charts, news, social media, and fundamentals for any coin or token, in addition to setting custom alerts for various market movements and news events.

In an era where the crypto market's rapid evolution and the frequent double-digit percentage fluctuations in prices underscore the necessity of a reliable portfolio tracker, CoinStats distinguishes itself by offering invaluable insights into investing habits and positions. Whether you're an experienced trader or new to the crypto realm, CoinStats provides a seamless interface for managing digital assets across both mobile and desktop platforms, highlighting why it is considered a top choice among crypto portfolio trackers.

CoinStats supports both manual and automated portfolio tracking, facilitating real-time monitoring of investments. While manual trackers often require investors to maintain spreadsheets, automated solutions like CoinStats gather data directly from wallets, exchanges, and blockchain addresses to synchronize an investor's profile effortlessly. This focus on simplifying portfolio management, coupled with its emphasis on Ethereum-based tokens, robust security measures, and dedicated customer support, positions CoinStats as a preferable option for investors aiming to make informed decisions regarding the performance, allocation, and diversification of their crypto holdings.

CoinStats Pros and Cons

CoinStats distinguishes itself in the digital asset management space with a robust array of features designed to provide users with comprehensive insights and tools for tracking their cryptocurrency portfolio.


  • Advanced Analytics and Portfolio Tracking: Offers deep insight into investment performance with powerful analytics and tracking features.
  • Multiple Alerts: Ability to set multiple alerts for price targets and breaking news.
  • Comprehensive Blockchain Search: Enables searching and filtering of blockchain activity across multiple chains from a single wallet.
  • Extensive Asset and Network Support: Automatically detects and tracks a wide range of assets across over 70 networks.
  • Wide Integration: Integrates with more than 300 wallets and exchanges and over 1,000 DeFi protocols.
  • Specialized Tabs for DeFi LPs and NFTs: Simplifies organization by segregating DeFi LPs and NFTs into separate tabs.
  • News Aggregator: Keeps users informed with trending news and events.
  • Built-in Swap Feature and Wallet: Offers a convenient way to manage assets from one interface.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies navigation and asset management.
  • Strong Security Measures: Protects your API data, ensuring a secure experience.


  • Import Feature Limitations: Automatic import feature may fail to import some assets, requiring manual inputs.
  • Staked Assets Visibility: Staked assets are not automatically shown in the portfolio and need to be manually added.
  • NFT Collections Tracking: Currently only tracks Ethereum NFTs, limiting visibility for NFTs on other blockchains.
  • Limited Free Features: Some advanced features are only available for paid plans.
  • API Sync Issues: There have been reports of API synchronization problems.
  • Support for New Exchanges and Wallets: Some newer exchanges and wallets may not be supported, affecting the comprehensiveness of asset tracking.

CoinStats Key Features

  • Portfolio Tracking and Analytics: CoinStats shines as a versatile application designed to streamline the management of your crypto investments. By offering real-time insights into your portfolio's value, profit/loss, and performance over various timeframes, it empowers users to track market prices and trends across different coins and exchanges. The platform supports a wide array of platforms including Binance, Coinbase, MetaMask, and WalletConnect, among others, syncing your balances and transactions automatically. Additionally, users have the flexibility to add coins manually, tailoring the dashboard to display information according to personal preferences for currency, time period, and charts.
  • Alerts and News: Stay informed and ahead of market movements with CoinStats' customizable alert system and dedicated news section. The app ensures you receive timely updates on price changes, market cap fluctuations, and important news articles by aggregating information from over 40 sources, keeping you connected to the pulse of the crypto world.
  • Convenient Crypto Transactions: CoinStats simplifies buying and trading crypto by offering a built-in swap feature along with the ability to purchase digital assets using various payment options including VISA and Mastercard. The CoinStats Wallet enhances this convenience, serving as a secure and decentralized option that supports numerous coins and DeFi protocols. With competitive swap fees and support for trading across different platforms and networks, it stands out as a practical tool for managing your crypto transactions.
  • DeFi Wallet Tracking: This feature provides an in-depth look into over 90 crypto wallets across more than 14 networks, offering comprehensive insights into your decentralized finance activities. It also allows for the manual addition of wallets and transaction data, ensuring a complete overview of your DeFi engagements.
  • Earning Opportunities: CoinStats Earn introduces a lucrative avenue for earning interest on your digital assets through the best DeFi protocols available. Offering flexible earnings with APYs of up to 20%, and supporting protocols like Yearn Finance, Lido, and Affine USD Earn, it presents a secure way to maximize your crypto investments.
  • NFT Insights with CoinStats Midas: For NFT enthusiasts, CoinStats Midas leverages a data-driven approach to help users discover and track leading NFT wallets and collections. By automating the selection process and providing targeted alerts, it saves time and enhances the potential for uncovering valuable NFT opportunities.
  • AI-Powered Exit Strategy (Pro Plan): The pro plan introduces an AI-powered feature that analyzes metrics to suggest optimal times for profit-taking, offering tailored exit strategies for individual assets or entire portfolios based on AI recommendations.

CoinStats Pricing and Plans

Free Version:

CoinStats offers a complimentary plan that caters to new users or those with modest portfolio needs. This plan supports tracking for up to 10 exchanges and wallets, along with the capability to handle 1,000 transactions. It's an excellent starting point for individuals exploring cryptocurrency investment tracking.

CoinStats Pro:

For users requiring more functionality, CoinStats Pro provides an upgraded experience. Subscribers can link up to 10 exchange accounts and 10 crypto wallets, benefiting from Coin Insights which includes evaluations for various digital assets. This plan supports tracking of up to 1,000 monthly transactions. The subscription fee for CoinStats Pro starts at $3.49 per month, making it an affordable option for enthusiasts looking to deepen their market engagement.

CoinStats Premium:

The Premium tier is CoinStats' most comprehensive offering. It allows for unlimited linking of exchange accounts and wallets, with a remarkable capability to monitor up to 1,000,000 transactions per month. Premium users gain access to a suite of advanced features, including profit and loss analysis, detailed portfolio insights, discovery of new coins with exclusive data, and custom alerts for price changes and filled orders. The service ensures a distraction-free interface for an enhanced tracking experience. Pricing for CoinStats Premium is set at $9.99 per month, with a lifetime subscription option available for $399, payable in crypto.

Special Offers and Custom Plans:

Recognizing the varied needs of its user base, CoinStats also presents the opportunity for subscribers to customize their pricing plans. Interested users can reach out to the support team to tailor a plan that best fits their investment strategy, including VIP support, community seats, and personalized features.

Additionally, CoinStats promotes a free trial period of 7 days, giving prospective users full access to explore the platform's capabilities. This trial allows for an informed decision on whether to proceed with a monthly or annual subscription, or to opt-out if the platform doesn’t meet their expectations.

Annual Subscription Savings:

CoinStats encourages long-term commitment by offering significant savings on annual subscriptions. The yearly rate for CoinStats Premium is dramatically reduced, providing all the premium benefits at just $2.49 per month – a saving of 58% compared to monthly billing. This option is designed for serious investors looking to maximize their investment potential while minimizing costs.

CoinStats Security Measures

In the realm of digital asset management, the security of user data and assets is of utmost importance. CoinStats, recognizing this critical need, has established a robust security infrastructure designed to offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind for its users.

Advanced Encryption and Access Control:

At the core of CoinStats' security strategy is the implementation of military-grade encryption, ensuring that user data is stored with the highest level of security. This approach underlines the platform's commitment to privacy and the safeguarding of sensitive information. Furthermore, CoinStats employs industry-standard encryption methods alongside sophisticated access control mechanisms, which work in tandem to secure and maintain the confidentiality of user data.

Read-Only API Access:

To further enhance security, CoinStats adopts a read-only access model for wallets or exchange accounts connected to the service. This critical measure means that CoinStats is incapable of initiating transactions or making any alterations on behalf of the user, thereby significantly mitigating the risk of unauthorized activities.

External and Insider Threat Protection:

Acknowledging the diverse nature of threats, CoinStats has partnered with Hexens, a leading cybersecurity firm, to fortify its defenses against both external attacks and potential insider misuse. This collaboration ensures continuous protection against a wide array of security challenges.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

Emphasizing user-controlled security, CoinStats supports multi-factor authentication (MFA), encouraging users to utilize 2FA applications for an added layer of security. This feature is instrumental in preventing unauthorized access and enhancing the overall security posture of user accounts.

Proven Track Record:

The efficacy of CoinStats' security measures is evidenced by its impeccable track record. Since its establishment, the platform has successfully avoided any breaches or hacks, underscoring its dedication to creating and maintaining a secure environment for managing cryptocurrency portfolios.

Tips for Maximizing CoinStats Benefits

To fully harness the capabilities of CoinStats and elevate your cryptocurrency investment journey, a blend of strategic utilization of its features, keen market awareness, and diligent research is essential. Here's how you can optimize the advantages CoinStats offers:

Leverage Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting:

Dive deep into the analytics and reporting tools provided by CoinStats to gain nuanced insights into your portfolio's performance. Understanding the intricacies of profit and loss, asset allocation, and investment growth trends can significantly inform your decision-making process.

Set Strategic Alerts:

Make extensive use of CoinStats' alert system to stay on top of critical price movements, market news, and other vital indicators. Customizing alerts based on your investment preferences and thresholds can help you act swiftly on market opportunities or avert potential downturns.

Integrate Market Research and Community Insights:

While CoinStats offers a wealth of data and analytical tools, complementing these resources with external market research and insights from the cryptocurrency community can provide a more rounded investment perspective. Participating in forums, following thought leaders, and staying updated with the latest industry reports can enrich your strategy with diverse viewpoints and emerging trends.

Utilize Secure Trading and Wallet Features:

Take advantage of the built-in swap features and secure wallet functionalities within CoinStats. These options not only streamline the process of managing and trading your digital assets but also ensure that your transactions are conducted within a secure and trusted environment.

Customize Your Dashboard for Optimal Monitoring:

Personalize your CoinStats dashboard to reflect the metrics and information most relevant to your investment goals. By tailoring the interface to suit your preferences, you can monitor your portfolio's performance more effectively, making it easier to identify trends and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Explore Advanced Subscription Benefits:

If you're serious about maximizing your cryptocurrency investments, consider exploring CoinStats' premium subscription plans. These plans offer enhanced features, such as AI-powered exit strategies and unlimited transaction tracking, which can provide a competitive edge in your investment activities.

Stay Adaptive and Informed:

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and rapid changes. Staying adaptive, continuously learning, and remaining informed about global economic factors that may influence the crypto space are crucial to navigating the market successfully.

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