Bestchange Crypto Exchange Monitoring: Searching for the Best Rate

Bestchange Crypto Exchange Monitoring: Searching for the Best Rate

Bestchange is a comprehensive monitoring service for electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency exchanges. Founded in 2007, this platform aggregates reliable exchange services, offering users the opportunity to find the most favorable exchange rates. It continues to evolve actively, incorporating new digital and fiat payment directions.

Key Insights:

  • Bestchange has been a pivotal service in monitoring exchanges for electronic payments and cryptocurrencies since 2007.
  • It aids users in selecting an exchange service by providing information on rates, reviews, and reserves.
  • The services are offered free of charge, featuring a listing of 850+ exchange services, each vetted for integrity and operational efficiency.
  • Selecting an exchange involves specifying the currency being exchanged and received, viewing available services, and comparing rates.
  • Additional features include a calculator, alerts, double exchange options, statistics, and a Bitcoin faucet.

However, it's recommended to conduct personal research on each exchange, rather than relying solely on the monitoring service.

BestChange critical role in exchange monitoring

Nearly everyone who deals with online payments, whether it's freelancing or purchasing something from online stores, also has to manage transferring earned money from one payment system to another. For example, exchanging Visa for Monero or vice versa has become more common, and with the advent of cryptocurrencies, exchange services have become even more in demand for conveniently buying or selling coins.

There are numerous exchanges online, and it can be challenging to choose the right one. It's also necessary to compare rates, read reviews about each one, and be cautious to avoid scammers.

This is where monitoring services come into play, particularly BestChange, which can compare all the key exchange conditions, show the best rates, and provide information in a format that's convenient for the customer.

Of course, the services of this platform are free. With BestChange, you'll find the best exchange rates, read other users' reviews, and ultimately select a suitable and reliable exchange service, with 850 options already listed on the site.

For those looking to earn, there is a quite lucrative affiliate program. Even if you don't have your own website, you can use social networks and forums. The question of exchanging electronic currencies is always relevant. More information about the affiliate program can be found on the official website in the "For Partners" section.

Bestchange service

The Bestchange exchange monitoring service has been gathering information from partner exchangers about current exchange rates, available reserves of digital currency, commission conditions of each exchange point, and allowing users to freely choose the best among them for over a 17 years.

What should a service dealing with any money, whether traditional or digital currencies, be like?

  • Reliable. This is the first and, perhaps, the most important requirement. When exchanging cryptocurrencies, you are sending funds to an unfamiliar site, and you need to be fully informed about its reputation and confident in the security of working with it.
  • User-friendly. A simple, concise interface, understandable even to novice users, guarantees quick and comfortable exchange operations, ensuring that your money is sent in the right direction/in the chosen currency, etc.
  • Profitable. Among the plethora of similar resources, users look for the one that offers the most favorable conditions for exchange: good rates, low commissions.

BestChange also stands out for:

  • The most up-to-date data: regular updates every 5-8 seconds;
  • A convenient interface with several options for searching currency pairs: table, drop-down lists, popular directions;
  • High rating of all registered online exchangers;
  • Continuous monitoring of resource operations;
  • Access to detailed statistical data on the most advantageous offers;
  • Careful attention to user reviews and prompt resolution of any issues.

All this is available to every user; you just need to visit the official website of the service, choose the right direction, and the best resource.

Bestchange reviews

BestChange is arguably the most sought-after, popular, and highly-rated exchange monitoring service in the Russian-speaking internet community. The team operates with integrity, backed by proficient technical support. Significant attention is paid to the quality of exchange services, assistance in resolving disputes, with customer interests always prioritized.

Of course, there are also negative reviews, typically when a client experiences a failed transaction with an exchanger, leading to accusations of BestChange "covering" for fraudulent projects. If issues arise, it's recommended to post a review about the exchanger directly on BestChange. An investigation will be conducted, where both parties present evidence of their claims, and based on the findings, a decision will be made on whether the exchanger deserves to remain listed.

Bestchange Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Rigorous vetting of exchangers listed for honesty.
  • A wide selection of currencies and cryptocurrencies for sale/purchase.
  • Ability to view exchange rate statistics and volumes for market analysis.
  • Option for double (intermediary) exchange.
  • Alerts via email or Telegram when a specified rate is reached.
  • A comprehensive review system where all negative situations are carefully examined and resolved before conflict settlement.


  • Theoretically could include fraudulent services. BestChange itself is merely a monitoring platform and is not liable for financial losses. This is why it's crucial to pay close attention to the choice of exchange. It's safer to opt for the most popular exchangers with thousands of reviews.

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