Token Sale and ICO Payment Processing

Accept payments for your ICO in the 5 most popular cryptocurrencies.

Plisio Solution for Crowdsales

How to connect ICO payment processing

Looking for an easy and convenient payment solution for your crowdsale? Plisio offers you a direct payment gateway integration for accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and other cryptocurrencies.

We check the rates at several cryptocurrency exchanges in real time and do not charge your customers any hidden fees .We keep only a fixed percentage that depends on your transactions amount. However, Plisio does not charge for services, setups or payouts.

Suitable ICO Applications

Convenient API for ICO payments

Accept the most popular cryptocurrencies on your crowdsales converting it to Bitcoin at the current market rate. Payments go directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

Already accept Ethereum on your ICO via smart contracts? Integrate our API and start acceprting other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and Dogecoin.

How to Get Started

Fast and convenient way to start your ICO

  1. Create a Plisio account on the “Sign up page”.
  2. Read the service documentation.
  3. Send your company documents for verification (this procedure won't take more than 24 hours).
  4. Read our documentation for developers and start testing and customizing an API.
  5. Add your Bitcoin wallet for payouts.
  6. Right after completing the verification procedure of your company's documents, you can start accepting payments from your clients.


Convert any cryptocurrency to Bitcoin
Guaranteed payments to your Bitcoin wallet
Verification process in just 24 hours
We do not collect data about your clients and investors
Get advantages that 92% of your competitors do not have

Funds safety

Most of funds are stored in “cold” wallets.
Every customer transaction marked as “Paid” is guaranteed to have been received.
Our invoice system is protected from unauthorized access. Each invoice and payment link address are unique.

Start accepting cryptocurrency

Connect to Plisio and start accepting cryptocurrency in your ICO today.

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