Review: Pros, Cons and Features Review: Pros, Cons and Features stands as one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, boasting a robust daily trading volume of over $5 billion and a user base exceeding 12 million as of March 2024. This platform caters primarily to experienced traders, offering access to a vast selection of over 1,300 cryptocurrencies, including major ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition to basic trading, provides advanced features such as margin trading in select countries, though its availability in the U.S. remains unclear. Despite its extensive offerings, the platform may present a steep learning curve for new users. Our comprehensive review delves into the intricacies of's features, fees, and overall user experience to help traders determine if it aligns with their trading needs.

What is, originally established in 2013 by Lin Han in China and now headquartered in the Cayman Islands, is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that ranks among the top globally. Offering a broad array of financial services including spot, margin, derivatives trading, ETFs, and perpetual options, the platform boasts a competitive trading fee of just 0.20%. It also features innovative options such as copy trading and bot trading, allowing users to mimic strategies from top traders.

With a user base of 12 million and a substantial daily trading volume exceeding $5.79 billion, serves customers in over 224 countries and hosts a staggering selection of over 1,400 cryptocurrencies. Despite its previous identity as BTER, the exchange has transitioned well, offering a rich diversity of altcoins and extensive financial services, making it a prime destination for those seeking sophisticated trading tools and rare coins.

Opening an account on is straightforward with no initial KYC verification required, though identity verification becomes necessary for withdrawals. The platform's interface, while cluttered due to the myriad of features and contests it offers, might be challenging for new users but is appreciated by seasoned traders for the same reasons.

However, security remains a concern; despite implementing measures like GateChain after several significant breaches, the exchange's history may deter privacy-focused investors. Additionally, operates exclusively with crypto, not supporting fiat deposits, which might be a drawback for some, but the vast coin variety somewhat mitigates this issue.

Customer support is available around the clock, though response times can vary. Fees are slightly below the industry standard at 0.2%, with numerous opportunities to reduce costs further through promotions, contests, and holding's native token, GT.

In summary, while offers an unparalleled selection of cryptocurrencies and advanced features, its complex interface and security history suggest it is better suited for experienced traders rather than beginners.

How works stands out in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape with its comprehensive suite of offerings. The platform caters to a variety of trading and investment needs, making it a versatile choice for crypto enthusiasts.

Key Features of

  • Market Data: provides extensive crypto market information, including unique indices like the fear and panic index, which gauges market sentiment and investor optimism.
  • Crypto Trading: Users have access to diverse trading options such as spot trading and peer-to-peer trading. Advanced trading tools are also available, and non-U.S. users can utilize leveraged tokens and engage in margin trading.
  • Earning Interest: offers several mechanisms to earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. By adding liquidity or loaning out crypto assets, users can achieve higher Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) compared to traditional savings accounts. However, these opportunities also come with increased risks.
  • NFT Marketplace: The platform hosts an NFT marketplace where users can both create and trade non-fungible tokens. These NFTs represent digital ownership of a variety of items, including artwork, sports collectibles, musical works, and virtual game assets. Features, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, combines a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders with a comprehensive suite of trading options. These include margin, futures, and derivatives trading with up to 100x leverage, as well as crypto lending. The platform stands out for its broad range of more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies and its operation across over 200 countries, handling approximately 50 different fiat currencies.'s strengths extend to its advanced trading features. It offers spot trading, margin trading, leveraged tokens, ETFs, derivatives trading, and even an NFT trading platform. Additionally, users benefit from real-time market data and essential charting tools necessary for trading altcoins, stablecoins, and DeFi tokens effectively.

The exchange also excels in offering passive earning opportunities through various structured investment products such as Lend & Earn, HODL & Earn, and liquidity mining. These features allow users to earn passively without needing technical expertise, particularly in cloud and liquidity mining where users can lease hash rates or stake their cryptocurrencies in a mining pool.

Trading fees on are competitive, starting at 0.20% with possibilities for reduction based on the user’s trading volume and holdings of Gate Tokens (GT). The platform also supports a demo version via the testnet, allowing users to practice trading strategies risk-free.

Furthermore, is equipped with robust customer support services available 24/7, complemented by a comprehensive FAQ section and various guides to help users navigate the platform, despite its slightly cluttered interface.

Overall, caters to a diverse range of trading needs and preferences, making it a favorable choice for those looking for a rich selection of cryptocurrencies and advanced trading tools. However, it is especially beneficial for experienced traders due to its complex features and trading options.

  • User Interface: Easy-to-use interface designed for both novice and advanced traders.
  • Trading Options: Supports margin, futures, derivatives trading, and crypto lending with leverage up to 100x.
  • Cryptocurrency Selection: Offers a vast range of over 1,300 cryptocurrencies.
  • Global Operation: Operates in over 200 countries and supports around 50 different fiat currencies.

Advanced Trading Features:

  • Spot trading
  • Margin trading
  • Leveraged tokens
  • ETFs
  • Derivatives trading
  • NFT trading platform

Market Tools:

  • Real-time market information
  • Essential charting tools for effective trading

Demo Version: Offers a testnet for practicing trading strategies risk-free.

Passive Earning Opportunities:

  • Lend & Earn
  • HODL & Earn
  • Structured Products
  • Crypto Lending & Dual investments
  • Cloud and liquidity mining
  • Trading Fees: Competitive trading fees starting at 0.20%, with reductions available based on trading volume and GT holdings.
  • Customer Support: Efficient 24/7 customer support, supplemented by a comprehensive FAQ section and various trading guides. Pros and Cons


  • Low Trading Fees: Only 0.2% trading fee, with no deposit or withdrawal fees.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to accommodate both new and experienced traders.
  • Extensive Cryptocurrency Options: Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies across more than 400 markets.
  • Global Operation: Operates globally with support for around 50 fiat currencies.
  • Advanced Trading Tools: Offers advanced features like spot and margin trading with up to 10x leverage.
  • Robust Mobile Application: Provides a strong mobile platform for trading on the go.
  • IEO Platform: Features an impressive initial exchange offering platform.
  • Security: Maintains high security standards to protect user transactions.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Available around the clock to assist with user queries.


  • Limited Fiat Support: Does not support fiat currency deposits and has no fiat withdrawals.
  • Regulatory Uncertainty: Lacks clarity on regulatory status, particularly in the United States.
  • High Deposit Fees: Although trading fees are low, deposit fees can be high.
  • Complex Interface: While robust, the platform can be challenging for beginners due to its complexity.
  • FAQ Limitations: The FAQ section lacks comprehensive details, which can hinder problem resolution.
  • Language Barriers: Some users have reported issues with poor English support, impacting user experience.

Deposit and withdrawal fees offers a structured approach to managing cryptocurrency transactions, focusing exclusively on digital assets as it does not support fiat currency operations. Here's how deposit and withdrawal processes are facilitated on the platform:

Deposit Options:

  • Users can fund their accounts only through cryptocurrency wallets since does not support fiat deposits.
  • To deposit, users navigate to the 'Wallet' section at the top of the website, select the cryptocurrency they wish to deposit, and click on the 'Deposit' button to generate the required deposit address.
  • employs both hot and cold wallet strategies to enhance security. The address for sending funds will not be the same as the deposit address, which is crucial for security.
  • It's important to ensure the cryptocurrency is supported by; otherwise, funds deposited will be lost without a refund option.

Withdrawal Options:

  • Withdrawals are made through the same 'Wallet' section by reversing the deposit process.
  • The withdrawal fee varies depending on the cryptocurrency but generally aligns with industry standards. For example, the fee for withdrawing Bitcoin is typically about 0.001 BTC.
  • Like deposits, withdrawals can only be made in cryptocurrencies, and the process mirrors that of making a deposit.


  • Deposit fees for cryptocurrencies are generally aligned with the network fees, but they can vary widely if a third-party service is used for transactions involving fiat conversions. These can be higher due to the varying rates and fees charged by third-party processors.
  • Users should be aware that even if a third-party processor charges lower fees, the actual amount of cryptocurrency received may be less due to poor exchange rates offered by the processor. Trading Platform stands out in the crowded cryptocurrency exchange market with its user-friendly and versatile trading platform. It caters to both novice and professional traders through its dual-interface system, offering both Standard and Professional options. The platform is designed to facilitate easy navigation with all major trading services—like spot or margin trading, borrowing, lending, perpetual contracts, and financial services—neatly categorized under the main menu.

Key Features of the Trading Platform:

  • Interface Options: Traders can choose between the Standard interface, which is user-friendly and expansive, and the Professional interface, which is more compact and streamlined for experienced users. Both interfaces provide prominent, large chart windows for detailed price action viewing and technical analysis.
  • TradingView Integration: incorporates TradingView, a leading charting tool that offers an extensive array of charting features, drawing tools, and technical indicators. This integration allows traders to easily switch between different cryptocurrency markets, adjust time frames, apply various chart indicators, and set custom alerts with a few clicks.
  • Advanced Trading Options: The platform supports multiple order types including market, limit, and stop orders. For more sophisticated trading strategies, it offers Immediate or Cancel (IOC) and Iceberg orders. These features cater to professional traders looking for more control over their trading executions.
  • Navigation and Accessibility: Central to the platform's design is the accessibility of trading charts, which are prominently displayed in the middle of the webpage. The order book is conveniently placed on the right corner, while the 'place an order' icon is located at the bottom of the page. This setup enhances the ease of trading by allowing users to quickly populate the order box with recent order prices, reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Adjustable Trading Volumes: Trading volumes can be finely adjusted using a slider, allowing traders to modify their trades according to their investment strategy and market conditions.'s trading platform is not only efficient but also provides a wealth of features that enhance the trading experience. By integrating top-tier tools like TradingView and offering a customizable interface, appeals to a broad spectrum of traders from beginners to the most advanced, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

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