Plisio fee

To estimate the cryptocurrency fee and Plisio commission, call method get_commission. It takes one required parameter (psys_cid, the name of the cryptocurrency) and five additional parameters:

Note: for the correct work of the service it is necessary to set Request IP



cURL request example:

curl --location --request GET

List of all supported request fields:

currencyID column from one of the supported cryptocurrencies supported by Plisio
addresseswallet address or comma separated addresses when estimating fee for mass withdrawal
amountsamount or comma separated amount that will be send in case of mass withdrawal
typecash_in, cash_out, mass_cash_out, invoice
feePlannormal or priority (more info)
api_key“Secret key” value from your API » Api settings page

* - required


Success response example:


    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "commission": "0.003010710000000000",
        "fee": "0.001071000000000000",
        "plan": "priority",
        "useWallet": "false",
        "useWalletBalance": "null",
        "plans": {
              "normal": {
                  "gasLimit": "21000",
                  "gasPrice": "44000000000"
                  "value": "0.000924000000000000"
              "priority": {
                  "gasLimit": "21000",
                  "gasPrice": "44000000000"
                  "value": "0.000924000000000000"

HTTP response status code: 200

Success response

commission Plisio commission value
fee cryptocurrency fee value
useWallet pay fee from wallet
useWalletBalance use_wallet_balance
plans Plisio's cryptocurrency fee estimation plan


Error response example:


    "status": "error",
    "data": {
      "name": "Unprocessable entity",
      "message": "{\"balance\":\"Insufficient funds on balance\"}",
      "code": 116

HTTP response status codes: 422, 500


Error response:


data.nameerror name
data.messageerror explanation
data.codeerror code