Withdrawal / Mass withdrawal

1. Create your website and get the “SECRET_KEY”. Instruction can be found here.

2. Send the “GET” request to create withdrawal.

Note: for the correct work of the service it is necessary to set Request IP





Withdrawal cURL request example:

curl --location --request GET https://api.plisio.net/api/v1/operations/withdraw

Mass withdrawal cURL request example:

curl --location --request GET https://api.plisio.net/api/v1/operations/withdraw

List of all supported request fields:

currencyone of the cryptocurrencies supported by Plisio (ID column from supported cryptocurrencies)
typecash_out” or “mass_cash_out” to send to single or multiple comma separated hashes
tohash or multiple comma separated hashes pooled for the “mass_cash_out
amountany comma separated float values for the “ mass_cash_out” in the order that hashes are in “to” parameter
feePlana name of the one of: normal or priority (more info)
api_key“Secret key” value from your API » Api settingspage

* - required


Success response example:


    "status": "success",
    "data": {
      "type": "cash_out",
      "status": "completed",
      "psys_cid": "BTC",
      "currency": "BTC",
      "source_currency": "USD",
      "source_rate": "0.00010282",
      "fee": "0.00000256",
      --- type=cash_out ---
      "wallet_hash": "2N3cD7vQxBqmHFVFrgK2o7HonHnVoFxxDVB",
      --- type=mass_cash_out ---
      "sendmany": {
          "2NAAdn1BiHuXgckPKmREfVc8WTX3U3N7Qo4": "0.00020000",
          "2N7cy1atVsNZhH6EuKE7HPseMSW5QbEEC6g": "0.00020000"
      "params": {
        "fee": {
          "conf_target": 3,
          "plan": "normal",
          "value": "0.00000256"
      "created_at_utc": 1591707445,
      "amount": "0.00200000",
      "tx_url": "https://sochain.com/resolver?query=08c702dd754ef0acd29b7cc59816a71577fa0c143d6e7a784a5bab1d7813f37d",
      "id": "5edf873d9ed3a558712be543"

HTTP response status code: 201


Success response:


typecash_out” or “mass_cash_out” depending on the request
statusspecifies whether the operation was completed or not (completed, error)
psys_cidID column from supported cryptocurrencies
currencyCode column from supported cryptocurrencies
source_currencyname of the fiat currency (only USD available)
source_rateexchange rate from the “psys_cid” to the “source_currency” at the moment of transfer
feetransaction fee stated in the transfer
wallet_hashdestination hash (if type=cash_out)
sendmanypairs of hashes and values (if type=mass_cash_out)
params.fee“conf_target” - estimated fee parameter to confirm the transaction in the “conf_target” blocks
plan - the Plisio’s fee plan name
value - fee value
created_at_utctimestamp in the UTC timezone; it may need to be divided by 1000
amounttransfer amount in cryptocurrency
tx_urllink to the cryptocurrency block explorer
idinternal Plisio operation ID

Error response example:

    "status": "error",
    "data": {
      "name": "Bad Request",
      "message": "{\"fee\":[\"The transaction fee cannot be estimated. Please check the balance\"]}",
      "code": 115

HTTP response status code: 400, 401, 422, 500


Error response:


data.nameerror name
data.messageerror explanation
data.codeerror code