We've made an open source library and plugins available for the API.

Before you start using Plisio API, you must be registered and Site settings set up under account/api page to get your personal "SECRET_KEY". This secret key will be used with all API calls.

API Requests

To simplify REST API requests Plisio uses HTTP GET method only and returns JSON format only.

REST API URL common part:

Simple API call looks like this:<action>?api_key=<SECRET_KEY>

Optionally, you can include query parameters on GET calls to filter, limit the size of, and sort the data in the responses.

This sample request lists transactions/invoices:

curl -v -X GET
  &page_size=4 \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"

API Response

Plisio API calls return HTTP status codes. Some API calls also return JSON response bodies that include information about the resource including one or more contextual HATEOAS links. Use these links to request more information about and construct an API flow that is relative to a specific request. Each REST API request returns an HTTP status code and status field in response JSON body that can be success or error. Also returned data included into data field.

Sample balance response:

  "status": "success",
      "currency": "BTC",
      "balance": "0.03351057"